USS Zumwalt ⚔️ Guided Missile Destroyer of the United States Navy [Review]

USS Zumwalt ⚔️ Guided Missile Destroyer of the United States Navy [Review]

The USS Zumwalt, the largest destroyer ever
built for the US Navy. The 610-foot, 15,000-ton behemoth has begun
sea trials before joining the US fleet some time in 2016. Its price tag of $4.4 billion is almost as
astounding as its bulk, but US Navy Captain James Kirk, the ship’s skipper, said he was
“fired up” for the Zumwalt to finally set off for the Atlantic Ocean. So advanced are the Zumwalt’s stealth capabilities,
that it registers on radar as a small vessel, about the size of a fishing boat. It is about 100ft longer and 20ft wider than
the navy’s current class of destroyers, and boasts more advanced weaponry. Its computer-guided missile system can hit
targets up to 63 miles away, and it may eventually be equipped with a laser weapon or electromagnetic
rail gun. The Zumwalt class was designed with multimission
capability. Unlike previous destroyer classes, designed
primarily for deep-water combat, the Zumwalt class was primarily designed to support ground
forces in land attacks, in addition to the usual destroyer missions of anti-air, anti-surface
and undersea warfare. The Long Range Land Attack Projectile, one
of a range of land attack and ballistic projectiles with a range of up to 100 nautical miles fired
from a gun, is a key component. On 21 November 2016 Zumwalt lost propulsion
in its port shaft while passing through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Ocean en route to its homeport in San Diego. Sea water had intruded in two of the four
bearings that connect Zumwalt’s port and starboard Advanced Induction Motors to its drive shafts. Both drive shafts failed and Zumwalt hit the
lock walls in the canal, causing minor cosmetic damage. Zumwalt’s passage through the Panama Canal
had to be completed with tugboats. Zumwalt underwent repairs at Vasco Núñez
de Balboa Naval Base before continuing on to Naval Station San Diego. Upon arrival in San Diego, the leak was revealed
to be through the lubrication cooling system, though the cause remains unknown.


  1. Look at it glide through the water barely causing a ripple. And the backwave is minimal, slipping through the landscape at who knows how high speeds regarding the strange, easy going propulsion stream behind the vehicle. It needs to be kept clean for its camouflage/hologram/who knows what tech to work properly? The margins of the outside seams are high (scifi) tech and even the surface material (?) seems oddly beautiful – functionality in its high form is pleasing to look at?

  2. It seems that at this point, the US navy has given up on the rail gun that was supposed to be installed on the USS Zumwalt, so a more conventional gun was installed. Still, it's a awesome destroyer for close in coastal ground support.

  3. This ship looks ugly as hell, who the fuck designed this ship, Id take a modernized USS Missouri over this ugly son of a bitch any day of the week, plus this ship really doesn't strike that much pride into me as being an American, at least not as much as a aircraft carrier or battleship would.

  4. Who's Zumwalt? How did he get his name on a new class of destroyer if the destroyer is more popular than the person? How about Admirals Halsey or Kincaid? Destroyer Captain Evans of the Battle of Leyte Gulf? John Paul Jones?

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