Vintage 1960’s Beauty Guide for Army Girls – 1964

Vintage 1960’s Beauty Guide for Army Girls – 1964

The army insists on a high standard of
good grooming. This begins with the care you give your own body. Keep your legs clean-shaven. They’ll look neater in your stockings. Keep your
underarms clean-shaven. That’s one of the ways to guard against natural body odors. Take a bath or shower at least once each day. Daily bathing is a necessity,
particularly when living in a closed group. Be sure to use a deodorant every
day. Your life in the WAC is a very active one. Much of it will be spent in a
warm climate. Don’t risk offending others. To be really clean means being clean
from the skin out. Just as you wash yourself and your uniforms .. be sure to
wash out your stockings and your under clothes every day. And put on a clean set every day too. In addition to cleanliness, good grooming
means good taste. One false note can ruin the total impression. To be well groomed in
the WAC, your hair should be neither too long nor too short. But an appropriate
length for the uniform and the cap It should not extend below the bottom
edge of the collar. This obviously won’t do ! And neither will this. You’re in the women’s army, not the men’s. Always strive to look feminine. Powder and lipstick are enough. Follow the natural shape of your lips and blot off
any excess lipstick with a cleansing tissue. Another part of good grooming is
the care of your hands and nails. Keep them clean. And keep your nails short, so
they don’t interfere with your work. If you use nail polish, use a moderate or
colorless one. And keep your polish neat Hardly anything looks worse than chipped
nail polish. Carry your comb and lipstick with you
during the day And make a point of freshening up your
appearance between classes. so you will always look neat The well-dressed WAC is always ready
for inspection. With shoes polished Stocking seams straight. Uniform pressed. Brass polished and correctly placed Hair neat ! and hats worn one inch
above the right eyebrow. Not down on the nose. A large part of basic training is
spent on your feet. Marching to classes and in parade. In your future army
assignments .. all your life, the condition of your feet is an important part of
your physical well-being. So it’s important to take proper care of them
from the start “Oh my aching feet!” When your feet hurt – you
hurt all over. and you’re not much good for anything. That’s why the army takes
so much care in fitting your new shoes properly. But it’s equally important that
your socks and stockings also be the right size. If they are too short or too long, they will make your feet sore . and they may give you blisters. To avoid ingrown
toenails, trim your nails straight across ! Wear your shower slippers to and from
the latrine. When you go into town to buy your pumps, let good taste be your guide. Get a plain black leather pump of suitable commercial design with closed toe and heel. Be sure the heel is at least one and a half inches high but not
more than three inches high. With these rules in mind you are free to select any
pair of plain high-heeled black leather pumps that suits your fancy and expresses your individuality Fancy shoes do not belong with a
military uniform. They are as inappropriate is this would be. That’s all !


  1. So what did the girls in the Army back then do, were they just representative figures? Did they still need to be feminine curly haired-high heeled-perfect lipstick-manicured nurses?

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