Walther MPL Run and Gun (Full Auto)

Walther MPL Run and Gun (Full Auto)

(gun firing) – A daily dose of
vitamin F, for full-auto, is always a good thing. Alright, so now that we got
the mag dump out of the way let’s get on with the show here. Today’s run and gun is going to feature the Walther MPL, a gun that I’ve actually talked quite a lot about
over the past year or so. I did a Friday field
trip on it a while back, so I thought I’d show it some love on the run and gun course. These guns are really cool they go from safe to full-auto and then to single shot, so that’s one of the strange
things about the MPL. It’s a very well constructed gun. It’s very simple. It is a blow back operated
open bullet submachine gun, not unlike the Uzi, but
it has some cool things like a nice wire folding
stock that’s quite nice, they’re very simple. Here’s it fully disassembled
actually for cleaning, you can remove the barrel which is also very nice, just like an Uzi. You know, one of the first videos we ever did for TFB TV was the MPL and I thought I would
show you guys basically kind of a redux here on
the run and gun courses. Which is my favorite series actually. It’s a little self indulgent, but I hope you guys enjoy what we do there. So as usual, with a semi
or fully automatic firearm, we’re going to load three
mags with 10 rounds each to allow for two magazine
changes, starting at 70 yards and advancing onto the target. So let’s see how the MPL stacks up against other guns we’ve used for this. Alright here we go with the
Walther MPL submachine gun. First it’s gonna be semi-auto. (gun clicks) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gun clicking) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) Alright that actually
went pretty smoothly. Let’s go talk about it. Alright guys so that wasn’t
the best run I’ve ever done, but remember this is an
open bolt submachine gun. So, it’s 70 to 75 yards
when you pull the trigger. (gun clicks) It actually sends the
gun off axis pretty good, so the fact that I was able to land as many shots as I did at
that distance was okay. It got a little tighter as I moved closer and more into what I
would consider I guess room to room submachine
gun fighting range. You know this is a very well built gun. The MP5 and your later
close-able submachine guns are obviously light years ahead, but still, for it’s time
this was a fantastic gun and I’m gonna argue it didn’t
really fall into obsolescence until the MP5 really started catching on and gathering steam, but just to see if it
really outclassed this gun, let’s see how it shines on full-auto. Alright folks, now time
to switch it to auto. (gun clicks) Not sure about this one. (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gunshots firing) (gun clicks) You know that actually
went a little better than I would’ve thought. Let’s go take a look. You know guys, it might just be that I’m getting a little bit
more used to this gun and using the sights especially, but that felt pretty darn good. I’m warming up to the
MPL, I’ve always liked it, however I never really considered
it a serious competitor. to even the Uzi, maybe it’s just because I’ve shot the Uzi, I dunno, probably 25,000, 30,000 rounds or through them in total. You know I’m really warming up to the MPL. I’ve always liked it, like I said, but I really think with enough training I could get the hang of this gun. On full-auto it’s very controllable. It’s a very gentle recoil and pulse. It doesn’t have the smoothness of an MP5. It just kind of, just
wanders a little bit, which isn’t bad, it’s
something you can train around. It’s got a few nuances I don’t like, but I’ll put the totals hits versus misses on semi right here. So all in all, not too bad. Let’s go back to the room
and finish this one up. So 26 hits out of 30 is not too bad, especially for an early 60’s vintage open bolt submachine gun. Really to me, what holds it back, is in fact the crude sights. You have a very, very small aperture and it’s kinda hard to focus on that, especially when it’s a nice sunny day. When you have low light conditions, it’s actually not bad at all. So I think I could do better with it, especially if I shot it a whole lot more, but until that time, I think
this run and gun showed that even though this is open bolt
it’s still quite capable. I think I could improve
if I shot it a lot more, like I said, I would like
to have some more magazines and stuff so I don’t have to painstakingly load the very hard to find mags. But, until next time I hope
you enjoyed this run and gun. Big thanks to you for watching and big thanks to Venturamunitions
for providing the ammo for this and most of our shooting videos. We hope to see you next time. (gunshots firing)


  1. I sort of cut my teeth on the Stirling SMG and I notice with the newer SMGs, you pretty much wouldn't be able to use them comfortably in the prone position because of the hanging mag placement. How about a run and gun with a Stirling? It might still impress.

  2. Ok thats it, you are officialy my favorite gun channel on youtube right now. Love the detailed close ups and descriptions you do on each gun. Keep up the good work Alex!

  3. Do you have a VZ61 would be awsome to see it in run and gun action haha good videos as always look forward to more military surplus guns

  4. Love your video's. And have a lot of fun with the Glock fan boys when you have them on. Like today. Even when I have a Glock 19, you couldn't get away from me. But that's another gun. You have to be honest and know that if Walther makes something, It is going to be a great.

  5. what's the recoil feel like on an MPL? it seems to be pretty minimal and controllable. it's just another gun I would love to fire some day

  6. I think it was a good idea to put the full auto position in the middle. If I had this gun I would always want to use it in full auto 😛

  7. There doesn't appear to be a whole lot of recoil when watching the video, is that the gun or the shooter? Or does it just not look as bad as it is?

    Also, what are your chances of doing an RnG with an Owen SMG? 😀

  8. 0:27 what's so weird about it? It's same like on AK – safe, auto and then single. It's made so that soldier in stress situation wont start spraying bullets all arround if he accidently will switch lever to other last possition…

  9. For who's wondering~
    S =obviously stands for Safety- but I don't remember how it's said in German-
    D =stands for "Deur Feuer" (pronunced "Doyar Foya") wich means Full Auto
    E =stands for "Ein Feuer" or "Ein Schuss" (pronuced "I-n Foya" and "I-n Shuss") wich means Single Fire and Single Shot.
    ~Glad to help :3
    Also, thank you for making a video about the MPL. What will the next Run n Gun be focused on?

  10. When you reloaded the first time, I forgot it was an open bolt and when I saw you reload, I forget that you've already pulled the bolt back to be readied to fire

  11. Subtitles: at 38 seconds – BOLT not BULLET.
    This gun is very underrated, its bolt doesn't feed and fire unless it reaches the regular sear first. If you pull the bolt handle just enough distance to collect a round and let it go, it will not fire.
    Latest UZI versions have a "ratchet" cocking handle to do the same task.
    For more than thirty years it was just a picture and a short text on my Military Small Arms of the 20th Century, but it is a superb gun, much better than dangerous WWII SMGs.
    Hans Lenzlinger (a swiss who used to rescue people from eastern european countries) had a MPK.

  12. The reason why this gun never became popular, was mainly timing. It came out in 1963. By that time, the Uzi had been on the market for a number of years and it was being produced, under licence, by FN. The countries that bought FALs at that time, usually took the Uzi as part of the deal. Soon afterwards, the MP5 came out and the countries that adopted the G3, usually took the MP5 as part of the deal. And that just about covered the all Western countries, aside, of course, the US. Aside from the odd sights, this gun was better balanced than the Uzi and was definitely easier to shoot well than that gun. Personally, I regard the Walther MPK, and the MPL, as superior to the Uzi, and to most other 9mm SMGs.

  13. Dang man, ur so badass that you should quit making vids for real u might give away some of ur tricks. Btw Fuck off ur mother doesn't love you

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