Wayne Dyer – What You Think, You Become (Wayne Dyer Meditation)

Wayne Dyer – What You Think, You Become (Wayne Dyer Meditation)

WAYNE DYER ☯ it is so simple ladies and gentlemen
this idea that that is that the core of all of our teachings I’ve been out there
doing this for over thirty years now your erroneous ons was published thirty
years ago and what I’ve discovered is what Earl
Nightingale told me when I was just getting started in this whole business
when something called the strangest secret we become what we think about all
day long we become what we think about all day long but more than that
understanding that your thoughts are real that they have an impact isn’t it
conceivable that your thought can have an impact on whether or not you can
attract what you want into your life that you can extend it out into a
universe which is perfect which is which has no need for you to interfere with it
which is always doing exactly what it is supposed to do no restrictions on it and
it always has been doing it and it always will be doing it and everything
that you’re going through it’s all part of the perfection of all of this that
you are not any of the things that you’ve come to believe that you are
you’re not what you have you’re not what you do you’re not your reputation you
spent a whole a whole lifetime working on understanding that I’m looking at the
things that we believed in the morning of our life what we were taught what we
were told when we came into this world what you were told was important for you
to do it’s important for you to go to school it’s important for you to get
good grades we throw this stuff at our children we throw it at ourselves it’s
important for you to look a certain way it’s important for you to make the team
it’s important for you to defeat somebody else it’s important for you to
to make a lot of money to advance in your profession it’s important for you
to be a good daughter to be a good mother
to take care of your family it’s important for you to have goals it’s
important for you to figure out what other people are doing and get there
ahead of them so that they don’t get ahead of you it’s important for you to
win I’m just scratching at the surface here of all of these things that we’ve
been conditioned and told this is what you’re here for this is what it’s about
and you bought into it you just hook line and sinker you we took it we all
did I did too we all did and then you get to a point and I just share with you
this one one observation from you called the stages of life
he says thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life worse still we take this step with the
false presupposition that our truths and ideas will serve as hitherto but we
cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s
morning here that really here that because most of you here in the
afternoon of your life and it has nothing to do how old you are by the way
this can happen at 14 or some of you stay in the morning of your life for
sixteen lifetimes we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the
program of life’s morning for what was great in the morning what was great in
the morning of your life getting the grades making the cheerleading team
being a good daughter getting the gold star saving your money getting the job
whatever is what was great in the morning will be little at evening and
what in the morning was true which is a big word here today what in the morning
was true will add evening have become a lie
now imagine how many of us are attempting to live the afternoon of our
life by lies they just don’t work anymore I mean is the most important
thing for you to get ahead of somebody else to look a certain way to have the
right jewelry on to get the job or is it to be unperfect is it to be making a
difference is it to understand what I wrote about in 10 secrets for success
the second secret that you’re not going to die with your music still in you is
it to know God is it to feel close to something so profoundly important that
in here there’s a knowing that I haven’t been actualizing it I haven’t been
fulfilling it what am I here for what am I here for
it’s question that you begin to ask yourself when I speak about purpose and
then you say well it’s to be like it’s to be like God that’s what God
realization is to return to that from which you originated the place of your
source the Dow to be the Dow to be it to be the great way and what is the Dow
like what does it look like what is it doing doing anything it’s just
constantly giving it’s just constantly offering it’s just constantly providing
life billions and billions of life forms emanating from this invisible source
that has always been just continuously doing it why aren’t you doing that why
aren’t you being like God God is love it says in the book of John and he that
dwelleth in love dwelleth in me your objective is to be like God to return to
source to your father whatever you want to call it and then we take things like
organized religion and we think well because I’m I’m going to church and I’m
doing the right thing but you have to remember that that the source that the
Dow excludes no one it excludes no and it doesn’t say you get to breathe and
you don’t it does say you get to have hair and you don’t it does those things
right but it doesn’t say you get life and you don’t it says it’s for all of
you you’re all one and then we take organizations that say only you get to
get in only if you believe it this way do you get to be part of God but that’s
not of God so any thought that you have that excludes anyone is not a thought of
God is not a thought of God and that’s why the number one source of conflicts
on our planet today is about organized religions fighting organized religions
and none of it is of God anything anything that divides us weakened us
anything any thought that you have that divides
you from somebody else that makes you better than somebody else that says this
any judgmental thought at all like that is not a thought of source and the
minute that you leave source you lose the power to manifest you lose the power
to attract into your life what you want you have moved away from source and any
thought that unites us that includes us that is of service any thought of spirit
and spirituality that brings us together as one and recognizes the truth that all
of us have come from the same source and that we are all breathing the same air
and we all came from the same place so where does any organization that
includes 1 and X eludes other fit on the god-realization scale way down here you
have to really be careful if you want to live the dow if you want to live this
thing i’m speaking about and get yourself back into balance if you want
to be in balance be in balance then your your habits have to start matching up
with your desires in everything in everything that you do and it’s just a
simple matter of deciding to do it in all of your thoughts every place that
you have any thought that is not an ID any place any time so here are the
thoughts that I’d like you to look at that keep you from the truth of Dao all
right every thought that you have that is on what’s missing in your life every
thought that you have about what missing in your life
is an energy that allows you to become a vibrational match to attracting more of
what’s missing in your life you


  1. Hey just for a note: christianity does not obligates us to do anything. Christianity helps us to make our decision to live better. Actually, christianity offers us way to be more united with God. We should respect it. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Habits of the Wealthy…thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful heart of Dr. Wayne Dyer! He will forever have a special place in my heart, for sure! He is flying with The Angels now! I miss him very much, but having the opportunity to hear his voice again is lovely! I know he is with us all! <3

  3. That is so true. I experienced religion to be very judgemental and breathing hate. I could never fit in. What an uphill battle. Religion is men-made. I have never experience religion to be Love. I believe in God our Creator, not religion.

  4. noted. some people are trying to stop thinking. Earl Nightingale and Wayne both dead yet both men live inside my DNA. perfection is your self.
    look inside forget the conditioning and bullshit my sons 5. be who you are.
    love from Dad.
    i lead you to lau tsu.

  5. If the title of this video is true then I better stop thinking or I will become a pussy someday! (and I don't mean a cat or a coward either!)

  6. We are all perfect creations from God. God loves everyone, religions spread hate, devide people and destracts from God, but Jesus leads to God, the Word of God tells us No one comes to the Father (God) except through Me John 14:6. In Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God, we find life, peace, joy, blessings, all we need to overcome.

  7. I am realizing how much of a negative, fear based thinker I've been. I certainly hope I can turn this around at 55 yrs. I truly want to think more positively.

  8. ok.truly i tell you never never though all this people envy wicked exist.
    i always trust and believe the good of people .and i help but later they turn ungreatfull.but i never think .
    image if i have that idea never will help anybody…
    but always was believeng and seen the good side of human been.

  9. smiling is a gesture of love and don't forget what you learn to draw into yourselfyour learn to draw effective people good negative people out of yoru life forever

  10. One month less for two years you at least one time you are not respond so many times you fail in your work 39 times who will bear this you are doing what you are fail homany times I have no faith on you because you fail so many times no use you are bluffing to me you are no positive following you fail in your work from last two years at least one time you respond then I have confidence on you now you are what escaping in your work so far 39 times why you fail in 40 times in times more boosting what is the use no job need what I want you forget to provide what I don't want you provide no job no need I want my gift value 10% only provide now otherwise you fail I am also fail in work .I am also following you fail I fail .that is enough to you .at least one time you respond I have confidence developed otherwise you fail I fail .yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  11. In two years bonded labour work you treated like that what can I do now you are giving more boosting no use all these are waste in my life .yshk viswanatham MscBed

  12. You become what I become nothing to do two years of my services are wasted you are recongnised what I got so far you respond in positively one time I will build my confidence on you other wise you fail I fail so many times .yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  13. Dr. Wayne Dyer was a Man of great wisdom and insight.
    A positive powerful presence. We Miss You Doctor Wayne Dyer.
    You are truely missed.

  14. We doing the business is not just greed, at my 35 years old, I already calculated of all this for the futures of the food balance of the earth needs, not let the money’s covering of ours mindset to maintain humanity life’s in the earth.

  15. I hope I can get rid of the chronic diseases and pain that I’ve had for 15 years. Caused by breast implants, but so much damage has been done to my body, I hope I can recover. My issue is that I’m extremely angry at the medical system, the FDA, and plastic surgeons who lie! I am angry about losing love and friends. and being overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety of medical bills that have wiped me out. I have to stop being so angry at the way I’ve been treated. 🙏

  16. Meditation with God is very important to clear your mind to be a successful follower of Christ. Meditation is a Spiritual cleansing from God. God will speak to you in the spiritual realm daily if we let him. Meditation is a important part of your spiritual walk with God. I encourage everyone to meditate with God daily. Good will take all the pain away through meditation. This new Journey or New Spiritual level God has placed me on is the most powerful level I've been on in my walk with the Most High. I Love My heavenly Father omnipotent. God is GREAT!!

  17. I have felt inspiraton a few times and seems I have resisted what I truely want. Do I not feel worthy of success? What's my problem that I haven't broken through when I already should have???

  18. you lost me at 'be like god'… to me, god is unknowable – i've been well into the "afternoon" of my life for some time now, maybe always. i have a strong sense or need to offload ballast, to shed all the things, but I do not know what it is i'm seeking. in my youth i was a jehovah's witness and dedicated myself to 'saving' people rather than making a life path for myself that was about those "morning" goals like career and developing individual talents. now, as a result, i feel lost. your advice to be like god therefore is of no use to me.

  19. His final words are compelling; "every thought that you have that is on what's missing in your life is an energy that allows you to become a vibrational match to attracting more of what's missing in your life". That is why we have to watch every thought we have in every minute of the day.

  20. Fear will paralyze you if allowed. I have been paralyzed by fear since I can remember. I have been making excuses after excuses and not facing my true purpose in life. I realized that I was negative when the first thing out of my mouth is give me the worst case scenario instead of what’s the best case scenario.

  21. csak ti gondolkodtok negativan és félelem alapuan :))) :)))) megmondtam kevesk vagytok:)))))) a jogdijam változatlan :)))))))))

  22. I have feeling great things are going to happen for me. I have feeling my life is going to change for me. I have dream to travel the world without worrying about money or stay one place and work just to pay bills only….

  23. We are children of God, through Jesus Christ we are saved. We dont control our reality just with thoughts but through God almighty!

  24. Because who you really are is a combination of Everything in the multiverse! So when you say I AM what follows is you experience that part of the multiverse that you say..

  25. Love it how guru types quote the bible and Jesus and then stab him in the back in the same breath.
    Blah Blah blah bunch of baloney.

  26. All matter is Energy vibrating. There are no particles, only waves. The only reason your hand doesn't go through the table is because the table is vibrating at a similar rate of frequency as your body.

  27. So I think almost every day I KNOW I will come into some money – I see myself in a little country cottage with my border collie I have always dreamed about – I am walking down a country lane and I can even hear the birds in the trees – I have thought this thought truly believing this will happen – well I am still waiting and now heading towards my middle 60s – please explain that one?

  28. Hold on you are not your reputation ?? Yeah try having that in your resume ? All this is fairy tale talk .. at tough and real and work work work

  29. I think I am a great poet that knows it and is already successful so that is why my success is growing in the world outside my mind 😊

  30. Some things I was taught:

    Just get a 9 to 5 job and marry it, it don't matter if you love it.
    College is required to be successful

    I laugh at those lessons now.

  31. I am here to be like GOD.
    GOD teaches through poetry, and so am I, cause I want to be like GOD, GOD has told me that writing poetry is what he has chosen me to do, TO BE LIKE HIM!! (said with raised hand)
    Anyone who doesn't want me to be like GOD and get mad cause I have GOD like power that they said is suppose to be impossible cause they don't have it, CAN BURN IN HELL! (said with finger pointed)

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