1. I figured out how this can be released in todays society… army men where you roll a single die to advance and attack. it can become a smaller board with the biggest piece being a jet. you would have different units raging in attack and support for both armies.

  2. You have some nice board games from your childhood, I always got the cheaper priced board games like chutes and ladders, candyland, monopoly, and connect four.

  3. Now were talking 💪🔥💥💣 I got that many years after it came out and I used it with my Mage Knights as Terrain man that can't be all the pieces cuz mine came with many many more stuff we would have signed different defense numbers and roll our dice if our Mage Knights we're successful then we will just open the drawbridge or whatever and there's always that one friend or family member that just seems that they have to cheat to win my personal favorite piece was the catapult

  4. I used to love this one as a kid. We'd leave it set up on the dining room table om weekends. You definitely need to use the trees and you have to zig zag the little path so the trees give the attackers more cover. You cant keep it straight like in the video. Man this brought back so many memories!

  5. What is the renaissance music playing in the background? I've heard it so many times before and its such a lovely tune

  6. I bought this on eBay a few years ago and took it to a board game club at my high school also a few years ago. I showed the students this video, and they were excited to play. We all had fun, and made sure we didn’t lose any of the pieces, all thanks to Board James!

  7. Seems like it would be more fair to give the cannon the the attaching army. They would have something to counter the walls of the castle and it would better fit a late medieval style conflict.

  8. You can use crazy glue if you want fast drying glue (cyanoacrylate glue). It's perfect for toys and shit, but don't let the kids touch it.

  9. I remember this game, the Ultimate One and Done because by the time you set that Crap up and finished, there was No Way anyone was Setting it up again… EVER

  10. Was watching this video with my two children and there were so many curse words I stopped watching at 1:00. There are other videos that are kid friendly that we will watch.

  11. It's so weird that something as innocent as reviewing board games turned into a series with a rich and deep lore and multiple interpretations of the plot

  12. 4:50 best part is Mike's face and how he says it. "Yeah you're down to your last man motherfuker here roll the dice" 😎 Lol

  13. Can someone please tell me the name of the music playing in the background of the video at the beginning

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