Welcome Class of 2018: You are HBS

Welcome Class of 2018: You are HBS

We want to welcome you to
HBS, not just to the school, but to a place that you
will soon call home. So welcome home. If you think about our
educational experience, one word for it is
that its intense. The case method is not
a sport for spectators. It’s a sport that demands of
you active, direct engagement. This is a place that
demands you to speak. But speaking is just one
part of the equation. Listening is probably the
second and even more important part of the equation. Even when you believe that
you have the point that is going to change a
class, listen to others, because they might actually
have a point of view that will change yours. You are inevitably
in a place where the power that you will
exercise in your life will increase over
time, so think hard about how to
steady yourself, how to steel yourself,
how to make sure that your moral
compass is secure, so that you don’t lose your way. Knowing is simply mastering
a body of knowledge and being able to apply
that body of knowledge with judgment in
any given situation. Because that’s
what businesses is. That’s what real life is. When people experience
you as a leader, it’s because they experience
you as having better judgment. Consider how you can use your
voice and act on your passion right here on campus to
make a positive impact. We also urge you to operate from
a place of empathy, curiosity, and humility. I live in the on-campus
dorms, and my one neighbor is from Korea, and the
other one’s from Singapore. I’m from Zimbabwe. I am from Puerto Rico. Originally, I’m from Canada. I was an intelligence officer
in the Navy for five years. I’m from Senegal. I’m interested in the
intersection of sustainability, tech, health, and food access. HBS is a truly diverse
global community. And as of today, this community
is yours, and you are HBS. [CHEERING]


  1. wishing is free….. oh how i wish…minus the debt though.anyway you know you have reached Harvard when 1:16 lol.

  2. It's my dream school… One day I want to be there doing my MBA. Just 2 more years till I graduate… Can't wait to be there! I'll give my 100% and will, definetly be there!

  3. I will do my Ph.D at Harvard. I don’t have the money now, but I will have enough not to pay just my tuiton fees but the wholes’ country.

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