Welcome to Summer Studies!

Welcome to Summer Studies!

– [Man] Dear Robert, it is a pleasure to inform you
that you have been admitted to the Duke University TIP
Summer Studies Program. The specifics about your course placement have been posted to your
account in Duke TIP’s student portal. To view your placement and to
complete the time sensitive– – Wait. I’m really excited about
going to Summer Studies but I have a lotta questions too. If only there was somebody
I could reach out to. – Hi. I’m Matt Sears, Director
of Educational Programs at Duke TIP. Let me see if I can help
you gain some perspective on your upcoming Summer
Studies experience. I believe it was Isaac
Newton who once said, “If I have seen farther than others, “it’s by standing upon
the shoulders of giants.” – Okay. Well maybe you can help me
see what the actual classroom is going to be like. I’m not used to being surrounded by so many smart classmates. What am I going to get out of this? – Here. Take a look for yourself. You’ll see that Summer Studies
classrooms are challenging but they’re also a lot of fun. Three weeks at Summer
Studies is equivalent to an entire year of regular school. You won’t be graded on your work so you’ll get comfortable
taking intellectual risks. You should also know that a lot of students have
been able to get credit at their school for the work
they do at Summer Studies. If you’re interested in that, we recommend getting in
touch with your counselor, vice principal, or
registrar and explaining that you’ll be enrolled in a
single course for three weeks and that you’ll be in class
for 108 contact hours. – Okay. Thanks. What about the residential side of things? First off, what’s an RC group? – That’s a good question for
one of my TIP colleagues. – She looks really nice. Who’s that? – Hi, Robert. My name is Paris Andrew. I believe it was also
Isaac Newton who said, “For every action, there is an
equal and opposite reaction.” At Duke TIP, we design our academic
life and our residence life to play off each other like that. You’ll be getting some serious
challenge in the classroom, but you’ll also have some serious fun outside of the classroom. Your RC group, or your Residential Counselor group will have 10 to 16 students in it. You’ll do evening activities together, you’ll do TIP-sync together, you’ll eat together, you’ll all share the same floor on your residence hall together. It’s kind of like your nuclear
family while you’re at TIP. And if you’re anything like our TIPsters who have joined us in the past, you’ll discover some amazing,
new, lifelong friends among the other students in your RC group. – And what about residence hall rooms? Is it true that I can’t hang
out with my friends in my room? – That’s absolutely true, yes. We like to think about
your residence hall room as your sanctuary. So you’re only allowed to
have your assigned roommate in your room. When you wanna have some quiet time, you have your room at your disposal. When you wanna hang out, there are common areas
in the residence hall that you can use. And while we’re on the
subject of roommates, I should add that you’ll
have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire that we’ll use to pair you with someone who has the same age and also has some of your same interests. And for any special needs
that you might have, you can contact our
Coordinator for Accommodations at [email protected] Remember that Duke TIP
may be the first time that you’re exposed to people
with different backgrounds or the first time that
you’re finally around others who have your similar love of learning and your priorities. It’s a great feeling and we
don’t want you to miss it. So just dive in and be yourself. At TIP, you get to figure
out not just who you are but also who else you are? – You said something about TIP-sync. I think I’ve heard of that before. But what are some of the
other residential activities? When do they happen? – TIP-sync is just one
of the many activities that you’ll fall in love with. You kind of just have to
be here to experience it. There are also other traditions, like the dances, ultimate
frisbee, Spirit Week, Field Day, and even the talent show. We have lots of great traditions so that’s why a lot of
people say TIP isn’t TIP until the first weekend. That’s when all of the
RC groups come together for the first campus-wide activities. And so if you’re feeling homesick within those first few days,
just remember the mantra, “TIP isn’t TIP until
the very first weekend.” – What about my cell phone? Can I bring it with me? And can I use it whenever I want? – You’re allowed to bring your cell phone, your tablet, or your laptop, but you can only use those
devices at specific times for specific purposes. We want you to be in the here and the now. You’re an important part of the program and the first step is to
get the most out of it, both academically and
socially to be present. Our Summer Studies experience is gonna be even better the more that you engage
fully in the program. There’s free time built
in to this schedule so you’ll definitely get
your internet fix in. But also remember that
when we say lights out, we mean it. In fact, you probably won’t mind. With all that we’ve got
going on both in and out of the classroom, you’re
gonna want your sleep. And while we’re on the subject
of cell phones and laptops, I should also touch on the fact that we do have a digital citizenship policy. That means that we want
you to practice etiquette and ethical behavior online at all times. This means not sharing disrespectful or inappropriate things, bullying or harassing, or
visiting inappropriate websites. No violating other people’s privacy or connecting with our
staff via social media. Or sharing our times of
events for upcoming things. We wanna keep you safe, remember? – Okay. Next question. I’m on my swim team in my hometown and I usually practice every
morning and every evening. Will I be able to keep
doing that while I’m at TIP? – We know that a lot of our students are multi-talented individuals and they’re used to balancing
lots of different commitments. But at TIP, it requires
your full participation. You might have many talents but this is the place
where we want you to focus on your academic abilities and passions. Duke TIP will not provide
access or escort students to training facilities, but our RCs do offer
morning runs for students before breakfast and the RCs can also accompany you out into an open area within the Quad where they can keep an eye
on all of the students. Students can run at their
own pace within this time and they can even incorporate
their own workout regiments. We ask that you don’t bring large weights but it is common for students
to bring resistance bands or medicine balls. Now if you’re musically inclined, though, you can bring your favorite instrument and practice during free time. We just ask that it not be oversized out of respect for your roommate. It’s common for the RCs
to host jam sessions as one of the evening activity offerings and maybe you can grace the
stage for the talent show on the final night of the program. – Okay. My mom wanted me to ask this next one. How can she know that I’m gonna
be safe and well cared for while I’m here? – We understand that this might be your first
extended time away from home. So we wanna assure your
family that our top priority is to provide a safe environment. TIP staff undergoes background checks and extensive training. They’re really smart and
they’re a lotta fun to be around but they’re also sensitive and caring and they’re there to help
build a respectful community and to facilitate interpersonal growth. And, if you haven’t really
done laundry before, they’ll even do a Laundry 101 crash course in the first week. – What do you think? Are you ready for Summer Studies? – I’m ready. Is there anything else I should know? – Well, just remember that you’re about to be a part
of something really special. There have been about 40,000
Summer Studies students over the past four decades and they’ve gone on to do amazing things. There’s the engineer who’s
helping NASA land on Mars, the director of virtual reality at Sony, the New York Times best selling author who also is a YouTube superstar… (soft music) And then there’s the
National Book Award winner, and there are fellows at Google, professors at Harvard
and Yale, and finally, there’s you. We’re excited to see
what you come up with. – Thank you! I’m pretty excited too. (soft music)


  1. Iā€™m going to the Duke TIP this summer and I am so excited! I also have a question to add, Can we bring some decorations for our room to make it seem like our space?

  2. Hi! I'm going to the Duke TIP Summer Studies program this summer and I was wondering on what I should pack. Like what to bring for clothes, or if I need to bring shampoo, and how many bags you want me to bring. And will I be able to bring a backpack and a suitcase?

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