Welcome to the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Welcome to the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Do you want to uncover the true meaning of the hidden scriptures that have been
lost in translation over the centuries? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We are the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. Welcome, and Shalom. As people of faith, we are always trying to get back
to the most authentic meaning of scripture, and today, this process could not be easier, That’s why I want to invite you
to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Get closer
to the most authentic meaning of scripture by learning to read the Bible
in the original. On our channel, you will benefit
from an entirely new scriptural dimension that immerses in the Bible’s land, language,
people and culture. Subscribe now to our channel and visit our website.


  1. bonjours je suis melvin un huguenot de angleterre j,ecrit anglais aussi hello i am melvin on executing the cestui que vie in 2014 i am a fellow of the great britain huguenot society i have a interest in hebrew and a doctor green of israel is below my name in the fellowship members book i am in there as melvin cercy green though by proclamation should be melvin house of ……….. anyway i am unsure of signing up to your site as prefer to browse knowledge ie amen you state "i believe " the only point i am at present requiring is this fact that throughout history there has been some form of deceptive enslavement of man by a type of cestui que vie 1666 act and does this relate in some form to hebrew historical format (i expect so ) as it points to the fictional jesus resurrection after 3 days any pointers to research appreciated at a talk at the old french protestant church in so oh square london i asked about this act and it was clarified it was in existance but was used in a case in 1687 about a french man that came to great britain to find his recent refugee wife but she had remarried the church agreed he was presumed dead :lost at sea: as the reason and therefore no prosecution was bought forward merci beaucoup /thank you melvin

  2. this Video in YOUTUBE Adds is ABUSING and OFFENDING ME inc. my own believes. report youtube I DONT WANT TO SEE THIS ADD ANYMORE

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