What Independent Clinical Studies Say About Thorlos

What Independent Clinical Studies Say About Thorlos

What differentiates us from any other socks is our padding. It s our core
technology. Engineered Foot Protection This magic is inside! Once you have the sock inside
out, you will notice several things Notice how lofty the terry loop is, how dense the
padding is, and if you squeeze the padding, you will feel how resilient it is. Our exclusive
THORLON yarn wicks moisture away to ensure a healthy environment for your feet. Clinical
Testing & Results In the early years, we received an overwhelming positive response to the product.
It came from consumers, and also health care and sports medicine professionals. Our padded
socks allowed people to participate in their chosen activity longer than they had thought
possible, and in many cases, pain-free. These health care and sports medicine professionals
told us they were recommending our padded socks to their patients who experienced foot
pain or other foot conditions. So, when medical researchers asked us to test them, we took
that opportunity. Over the past 20 years, our padding has been the subject of eight
independent clinical research studies that were published in peer-reviewed medical journals.
The results showed that our padding reduces foot pain, blisters and other foot conditions
by absorbing impact loads and shearing forces, reducing pressures on the foot, and also by
wicking (or moving) moisture away from the foot. We use this same clinically-tested padding
in all of our products designated with the padded sock with cross icon. They are made
in activity-specific designs for people whose feet hurt during or after their activity.
Perfect for anyone who wants maximum protection to reduce the chances of injury and premature
loss of fat pads. Lite Padding We also offer Lite Padded Socks these are socks with thinner
padding but certainly more padding than any thin socks on the market. These are for people
whose feet do not hurt during or after their activity. Experia, with its specially sculpted
Lite pads and its ultra-lightweight sock frame is a great choice if you re looking for an
aerodynamic fit and protection without weight.


  1. I suffer from plantar fat-pad atrophy (thinning fat pads). Which style of your socks provides the most padding in the ball and heel area?

  2. Snap! I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spur and fibromyalgia and numerous failed complicated operations.  Thorlos Extreme Cold socks did NOT keep my feet warm.  I had ordered a larger size, but the elastic was far too tight and there was not enough extra cushion padding around the sole of the foot, especially the ball and heel area.

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