What is the Best Tip About Going to College?

What is the Best Tip About Going to College?

I think the best tip about college life that
I can uh…give uh current high school students is…
Take all the different classes that you want to take.
…know that you’re going there for a reason… If you have the opportunity to meet people,
take that opportunity and run with it. You never know what you are going to find
most intriguing or what direction a class is going to take you.
Have fun, relax, but know your stuff. Just be prepared for the challenge.
Stay focused and not to get too involved in too many parties.
Even though it seems like a lot of things can distract you.
You have to be prepared. You have to be real responsible. It’s a bigger challenge.
Know when to stop like being lazy, when to start doing your work, how much time you need
to put into all your work. Continue to go to class no matter if your
peers do or not. Learning how to use your time and get things
done while also having time to have fun. If you go, that’s step number one to success.
You just want to keep in mind your real reason for going there.
That’s the key to success at college. That’s one tip.
And that’s the biggest tip I could ever recommend to anyone.


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