What The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know

What The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know

From weight sensors in the Oval Office to
their methods of tracing angry letter origins, today we look at What The Secret Service Doesn’t
Want You To Know. #15 Never Infiltrated
Perhaps rarely mentioned so as to not tempt anyone to try, the Secret Service has a leg
up on most other federal agencies. They’ve never been infiltrated. That is to say, even though agencies like
the CIA, FBI and NSA have had spies uncovered within their ranks, the Secret Service’s
record remains traitor-free. The lifelong career path, high qualifications,
and low-chance of actually working anywhere near the president are all possible reasons
why no spy has successfully permeated the agency’s screening process. #14 Oval Office Pressure Pads
When you become President of the United States of America, the weight of the nation and even
the world can feel like it rests on your shoulders. But what about your weight? Well, if you’re in the Oval Office, it’s
probably resting on a high-tech tracking system belonging to the Secret Service. Installed to help monitor the President’s
safety while respecting private discussions and matters of extreme confidentiality, the
pressure pads in the office of the Commander-In-Chief sit underneath the carpet. These measure the presidents weight and informs
the agents of his specific location in the room at any given time! #13 Food Surveillance
If you think the Secret Service watches over the President like a hawk, then you should
see how they inspect his food. Whether on the road or safely at home, Secret
Service agents are constantly in attendance during meal preparation. Small food carts or local restaurants are
typically off limits as it can be impossible to guarantee the safety of the cooking when
so much of the usual ingredients are pre-prepared. Pizza delivery is allowed, but they have it
sent to a nearby address to disguise its recipient and lower any associated risks. But even a Christmas fruitcake from a loved
one is restricted as every bit of the meal’s construction requires thorough supervision. When travelling, stewards from the Navy are
brought onto the Presidential trip and exclusively cook all the meals. #12 Fake Bullet Training
Any attackers hoping to catch the Secret Service off guard ought to think twice as these agents
regularly undergo an intense 8-week training regimen. From first aid to high-level forensics to
aquatic rescue techniques, the agents of the Secret Service are prepared for any situation…especially
if it means taking a bullet. Trainees will run scenario drills that involve
agents attempting to protect their escorted party from non-lethal marking rounds. This faux ammunition indicates where the target
or they themselves were hit. While not especially harmful, these bullets
do sting. The experience undoubtedly toughens but also
wisens them up to the realities of potentially being faced with an emergency shootout. #11 Evaluating Suspects
It doesn’t matter if its a rant on social media or a sign outside the front gates of
the White House. Any threat voiced toward the President of
the United States warrants an investigation by the Secret Service. It’s their job to differentiate between
what is just drunken rambling and what poses an actual threat. Engaging in a tactic the agency refers to
as protective intelligence, the Secret Service will go on to interview employees, associates,
neighbors and friends to get a better look at how serious of a threat the person poses. More often than not, these threats are simply
a disgruntled citizen verbally lashing out and focusing their frustrations at the leader
of the nation with no actual threat intended. #10 Misconceptions
Thanks to modern portrayals of the Secret Service in film and television, many believe
the agency to be a small, elite organization that is constantly in a suit and sunglasses. In reality, the modern Secret Service is quite
a bit different. While you may only see them in relatively
smaller numbers at public events, the number of Secret Service employees at a time is near
6,500. These employees divide the course of their
work in phases, with an initial period of years spent working an office position before
being promoted to protective field work for four to seven years. After that service is up they return to an
office position to finish off their career. In addition, Secret Service field offices
are located in every state and even some foreign countries…not just in the nation’s capital. Which means that not only are there plenty
of them, but they’re everywhere too! And to make matters even more confusing, they
don’t even need to wear the uniform that Hollywood’s convincing us belongs. Though still wearing suits at times, they
will often dress to match the occasion rather than stick out from the crowd. This can mean anything from a golfing outfit
to jeans and a t-shirt. On top of that, they don’t even wear sunglasses! Not usually, anyway. The shades have the potential of impeding
their sight and thus their response time during an emergency, so wearing them would only be
helpful in particular situations with distractingly bright light. #9 Bags of Presidential Blood
While the Secret Service has thousands of agents, the select few chosen to protect the
first family are known as the Presidential Protection Division, or the PPD. These members are responsible for a lot of
specialized tasks, but possibly the strangest includes the ability to perform an emergency
blood transfusion. To prepare for this, PPD agents travelling
with the Presidents will always have spare bags of the President’s blood on hand. They also stay within 10 minutes of a trauma
center at all times and preemptively post agents at all nearby hospital operating rooms. Thanks to forethinking measures such as these
by the Secret Service, the Commander-In-Chief has a higher chance now than ever throughout
history of surviving an attack. #8 The President May Be Packing
It’s fairly common knowledge that agents of the Secret Service carry a firearm at nearly
all times, if not some other weapon instead. But what most civilians probably don’t know
is that they’re not always the only one with a piece. As was the case for President Ronald Reagan’s
time of service. According to the Secret Service, Reagan carried
a 38 caliber revolver in his briefcase that he would take aboard the presidential private
plane Air Force One. He kept the stashed weapon secret from most,
though apparently the Secret Service knew of its existence. Even his own Vice President, George H.W. Bush,
was unaware of the extra protection the President had provided. #7 Floors Below The White House
Though massive and often under some sort of expansion, the presidents pearly home office
is much larger than it appears. Always shown in photographs with a focus on
the central building, the White House is more than its main structure as the complex now
extends to large wings on the west and east sides of the building. These three components of the White House
are connected through large colonnades. But even if you haven’t seen them often,
many still know about these extra buildings that form the White House Complex. What most civilians may not be aware of, though,
is the existence of at least another two floors beneath the four story Executive Residence,
as the main building is called. These lower levels house the various machinations
that keep the White House running such as the laundry room, air conditioning and heating
rooms, water softening controls, and electrical switches. But given its absence from public view, there’s
no telling what’s kept down there. #6 Presidential Privacy Problem
The paparazzi can be aggravating enough when elected to the Oval Office, but the Secret
Service takes it to the next level when they begin serving a president. Given some historical events and tragedies
with former presidents, it’s become a regular occurence to film the president at all public
events. This footage can lead to the immediate apprehension
of any transgressors that threaten the president’s safety thanks to immediate analysis by agents. And if constantly being on camera is invasive
of one’s privacy, the steps the Secret Service takes regarding the restroom might as well
shove the head of state’s right to solitude down the toilet. And it doesn’t stop there. The Secret Service sticks with the president. Whether he’s going to the doctor’s office
or a nearby club, agents are always within arm’s reach. #5 Ink Tracking
A classic tactic of voicing displeasure toward a business, every year millions of Americans
write, though mostly digital now, an angry letter of complaint. In the case of celebrities and politicians,
though, sometimes the classic method of sending a physical letter will better accomplish your
intended goal. But if your target audience includes the President
of the United States, you may want to rethink that plan…especially if you have something
nasty to say. One of the many tools in the agency’s arsenal,
the Secret Service has a working relationship with ink manufacturers around the world. With their assistance and a large database
of specialized indicators found in these various inks, agents are able to not only determine
the ink brand from a note, but the location it’s sold in as well. Meaning if they have a letter from you, you
don’t even need to include a return address…they’ll figure it out. #4 Mount Weather
Hidden away from the White House, a large sanctuary remains closed to the public known
as Mount Weather. Initially developed as a presidential safe
house, it has since become the hiding place for a member of the president’s cabinet
during the State of the Union Address. Upon its discovery by the public, it was deemed
compromised and removed from its role. However, after dreadful events in the early
twenty first century, the base was rebuilt in secret to serve as a shelter for the rest
of the government during an attack. Top members of the White House staff even
get directions to Mount Weather printed on the back of their IDs as an added safety precaution! #3 Assisted In Affairs
We’re sure its not the proudest moment for members of the agency, but one of the strangest
duties the Secret Service has fulfilled over the years is sneaking women in and out of
the White House. Over the last four decades and perhaps prior
to that, there have been a number of presidents that have had the agency help their mistresses
either gain entrance into the house or make a swift exit should the first lady arrive
at an unscheduled time. Many of the affairs over the course of history
have taken extremely long to leak into the public mainstream, mostly because the Secret
Service is just so good at their job! #2 “Renovations”
Have you ever heard of a room in the White House being renovated? It’s actually quite common, with nearly
every president renovating a room during their term in office. Unfortunately for passionate homeowners looking
for some presidential advice on the subject, the reason behind these renovations isn’t
because of a chance string of home decorators taking office. These renovations serve as a cover for the
Secret Service, acting as a code word and distraction for any private investigations
that need to be made inside the White House. They even use that excuse for the First Family,
temporarily getting them out of the White House at no mention of the investigation as
much of the job of the Secret Service is to refrain from causing any alarm or panic. #1 No Sworn Life Oath
Contrary to popular belief, agents of the Secret Service don’t actually swear an oath
to lay down their lives on behalf of the President of the United States. It’s certainly stated that it is a possibility,
and agents are fully aware an incident may arise in which there’s no other option when
protecting the head of state. But focuses from the agency remain at all
times on preventive measures rather than self-sacrifice.


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