What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

– [Reynolds] So here’s my question – Okay. Oh us. – I have students that
I teach in Philadelphia. I teach an all boy’s school,
and we’re talking like inner city Philadelphia and, you know, I’m gonna show them this feed and what I would love to show them is you giving them some
advice as to what to do after high school if they
don’t want to go to college. Because coming from me, it’s like, – Yeah you’re a teacher,
you’re the teacher. – [Reynolds] Over and over again. – Yeah. – [Reynolds] I’m the teacher. I teach ninth grade literature. I actually hit you up on
Twitter a while ago when you were looking for a, – Oh, schools to come out, I actually, yeah, yep. Do we have one? – [Reynolds] I was goin
back to fill this out. – Go ahead, okay. – [Reynolds] So what could
you speak to my students to kind of get them
something, to you know, they’re not just hearin’ me, they know who you are. We watch your videos in class. They keep askin’ you, they’re like, you know like, so like, I’m always giving them your information and telling them what
I think you would say but I would love for you
to speak to them directly if you could. – I could, now like, give me, help me a little bit here. Because the truth is,
let’s start from the top and I’m talkin’ to the class
now and you can clip this we’ll even send you a clip. Got it Tyler? We’ll send you this clip. First of all, how many are there? – [Reynolds] I have, this graduating class is
about a hundred students. – Right, so for the hundred
of you, you’re all different. Like, if you don’t wanna go to college, if you want to figure out what to do, all of you are different. Some of you can sing,
some of you are math based and you can be analytical. There’s a million things you could do. Obviously it’s crazy that
we got you on this show because of mission yous so you gotta go check that out. There’s a million things
that I could tell you. Here’s the one thing I can promise you, you need to work your fuckin’ face off and nobody gives a shit
about where you grew up. Like nobody’s gonna feel
sorry for you circumstantially or feel positive for you
like whether you’re born in the ghetto or you’re
born to a trust fund. At the end of the day, once
you hit the real world, nobody cares ’cause then the clock’s on. If you’re a trust fund
baby, people are judging you like you suck, it’s all
’cause of your daddy. If you’re fucking from the ghetto, it’s like you have no shot,
you don’t look the part. Either way, nobody cares. The end, the only thing that
you should be figuring out, is what are you good at. And so you should try a lot of shit, – Mhmm. – Right? And, then you need to work every minute. Like, if you’re not
going to go to college, you’re gonna have to work, right? If you’re not going to use
the brand of the degree and before mission you mean
something to the whole world, you’re going to have to work and prove it and nobody’s gonna feel bad
that you’re working two jobs, or that you don’t have no
time to hang out anymore. You know this. Look, these kids they’re young. When you’re young, we’ve all been young. The biggest thing that’s going on is, it’s all the same advice over and over, you have to work your brains out, and you have to realize
nobody cares about you. And once you go into that place, and you’re super solo,
then you have a prayer. But for any second that you
think somebody’s gonna save you, Bernie Sanders, Donald
Trump, the government, your sister, the people
that feel bad for you. Like nobody gives a fuck. Do they understand that Ceej? I’m asking you, I’m asking you. – [Reynolds] So, I hear you. Unfortunately I think
that that only comes, that understanding,
comes with doing, right? – It’s the Mike Tyson thing, right? And as soon as you get
punched in the mouth then you’re like, oh. – [Reynolds] Exactly. And so a lot of my guys
have been literally punched in the mouth
many times in their lives and so it’s about like helping them to see that there’s
kind of more to themselves or that there’s, they have more to offer. They’ve kind of been beaten down already and some guys seem a little bit you know, like they have, – They lack co, Is what? Do they have the chip on their shoulder that somebody owes them something
because it was fucked up or do they have no self esteem because everybody told
them they can’t win? – [Reynolds] Both. You know, it’s both things. – That’s exactly right. – [Reynolds] When we’re
talkin’ about boys, so it’s an all boys school
where, you know, 90% of my guys don’t have a dad at home, – Yep. – [Reynolds] Which literally, it makes my job easier because, you know, you’re a guy
that shows up everyday and tells kids that you love
them and then you see them and that they’re not invisible. But me doing that with
my crew at school over and over and over again
and so for like the Ikele Dandlers and the Elijah Goodwins, and the, you know, Mark Slaughters, and I’m so shouting them out
because they’re gonna go, oh shit, Reynolds, he just
said my name on the internet. (laughs) – Hey Reynolds, can I ask you a question? If I pay for the bus, like
I know schools are fucked up so they can’t take, but if I pay for the bus, can
you bring like eight or nine of ’em up here and hang
with me for an hour? – [Reynolds] I will be
up there this afternoon if you pay for the bus. That’s what I’m gonna do. – Cool, so cool, send an email
to Gary at the inner media. I’m gonna pay for the bus,
you’re gonna come up here, we’re gonna film it, ’cause
then I’ll get into re with you. I don’t wanna be the guy who’s
just shouting to a hundred people without context. Let’s take the eight or nine of ’em, do some fucking contest, Reynolds, do whatever the
fuck you gotta do to get eight or nine of them, bring them up here, we’ll jam with them, we’ll film that and then you can use it because they look the part of the other 90 and the hundred next year
and the hundred next year. And I knew the answer to my
question was both, right? Here’s the problem. And this is for everybody. This is not just inner city kids. This is for everybody. Johnny Texas, you know Rick
Oklahoma, and Pam Peru, the bottom line is it’s one
of the two opposite things. Either you have a chip on
your shoulder and you think the world fucked you and you’re unlucky, or you’ve actually been
suppressed and told you can’t, right, in a different way than that. – [Reynolds] Yep. – It’s not the circumstance,
it’s the verbiage. You actually have parents. They just suck, right? They’re in pain so they
don’t want you to succeed. Misery loves company. It all ends up in the
same place, Reynolds, which is it doesn’t matter. And that’s what I want
these kids to understand. It just doesn’t matter because once you get on the
field, it’s just the field. And so the quicker you
can make that mind shift, and then the other thing
that none of us realize, is how much time you have. – Yeah. – Like if I knew as an eighteen year old, I did and that’s why I won, but I didn’t even know to the extreme. The biggest thing I’m gonna do
with those eight or nine kids Reynolds, is I’m gonna
make them understand they just have to put their
head down for 15 years. And think about when you’re
18 what 15 years sounds like. Right? It took fever. Well, it’s nothing to us as we get older. When you’re 18, dude
I’ll be honest with you, 15 years feels even a little
bit long to me right now and I’m 41. When you’re 18, 15 years
is your whole fuckin’ life. When you tell them eat shit
for 15 years, you’ll be 33, a child, and you can then go win, that fucks with you if I can break through and get them to understand. – The only other thing, this is Adam, the only other thing I’ll
add in, and I think, one, it’s amazing that Gary’s
gonna bring these kids up here and I will absolutely
be watching that session you have with them. But the thing that I’ve seen is, and this is the one
thing that as a teacher I think you can most instill in kids, is that you become your expectations. And people find their expectations sometimes externally,
sometimes internally. Sometimes it’s a parent or a
coach or a teacher or mentor that helps you understand
yourself, expectation. Other people are just
intrinsically born with this belief that they’re gonna go go something great but you become your expectations and so every one of those kids, regardless of their situation today, if they can redefine their
expectation for their future then that creates the
underlying motivation to bust ass for the next 15 years but if they don’t have the
expectation of the outcome of the future and they
don’t hold themselves to it then they won’t get to that place. – If they understood the
man that’s holding them down is in their fucking dome, everything would change. – [Reynolds] True, yeah. I love it. So hey listen, can I shout
one thing out real quick? – Yep. – [Reynolds] So if people
want to check out my guys, I have a youtube place. – Do it, go. – [Reynolds] Which is, I
post teacher videos like how people teach in the inner
city should stop going there for two years to like do their
good deed and then move on, but they should go there and stay and this is how you can stay and how you can just keep
crushing it every year, year after year no matter what
the kids bring in with them. You’re like helping them and loving them. – What’s the name of
the videos series again? – What’s the name again? – [Reynolds] It’s called
Real Rap with the Reynolds. – Real Rap with the Reynolds. – [Reynolds] Yep, with the Reynolds. – Reynolds, I can’t
wait to fuckin’ see you. You better get your ass here soon. The season’s almost over. – [Reynolds] It’s set, man. – I’ll see you soon. I’ll see ya next week. Let’s figure it out. See ya. (hip-hop music)


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    please just have a quick look @rexile1862

  2. Ah man, I wish I had seen this sooner. I have struggled for years because every single person around me told me I had to get some degree. But I swear, school was always and is still killing every bit of my happiness and creativity. It just makes me feel dead. I tried again last year to get a degree from home, but in the end I decided to just do it on my own.

  3. Hustle Hustle Hustle errrrdayyy 🔥🔥🔥
    Just do what you like & make some money and stick to it! Don’t ever compare just do you!

  4. Sure. Let's all get masters degrees. Then what? They made a mistake when they made a masters the bare minimum. Even with a specifically focused degree, the ever growing population is going to destroy the world anyway. And let's say you worked your ass off for this specifically focused PhD… What if you realize you hate your career once you actually start? Then what are your options. You're fucked either way. Avoid college and enjoy your youth and your hard earned money.

  5. If your not going to college, you need to work your ass off, because no one feels sorry for you.

    Wether your born in the ghetto or a you have trust fund, at the end of the day, once you get into the real world, the clock is ticking for you to leave your mark. -Gary V

  6. Current 19 year old who's finishing his first year of college (planning to drop out). I've been making connections with marketing. I am self taught and just now got a job offer making 60k a year while keeping me 25k a year entry job. Keep teaching yourself what you're interested and continue to make connections with people related to that field.

  7. After high school just get into an apprenticeship program and learn a trade. Or just work after high school save some money and start a small business.

  8. 3:37 “literally” literally doesn’t mean literally anymore, “literally” literally means “Seriously”… like seriously?(literally) how does that literally (seriously) happen?

  9. Man i told my parents and its really a big fat N O and i feel like im in a cage but imma find my wat through it

  10. I freaking love Reynolds!! I watch both of your channels and this video made my entire day!

  11. By the way, "work your ass off" just means always be moving and growing. It doesn't mean always go for a 9-5 job or to cram as many hours as possible into your week. What I say is "never work hard". I know that sounds completely backwards, but, fact is, you don't want to work. Working is not what you really want to do with your life. Yoy want to find a job that is the farthest thing from work possible. For some it may be testing unreleased video games or for others it might be working 80 hours a week in construction. The point is, if you love it, it's not work. Don't ever let money conflict with what you do. Never get a job you hate to make more money.

  12. I have a question and I want YOUR answer to it. I'm lost and I have talents but none I'm passionate about. I've fucked up, wasted time , disappointed family and friends but more importantly myself, I've made promises to myself and broke them and I want it to end. I need some form of solid advice.

  13. If you look at schools from 100 years ago, nothing changed, still someone standing in the front of the room telling you what to do, no adaptation for the modern world, in fact school was mainly used for preparation for factory working, the number one country leading the education system is Finland, and they don’t have homework, just think about that

  14. I think I'm fucked 'coz i don't want to go college but all my siblings went,so I'll be the only one stupid of my family who didn't go :/ but i don't want to go…

  15. I want to go to college but I don't what to take. I mainly want to go for the experience. I've been looking into entrepreneurship, policing and photography. Any tips?

  16. I’m tired of my cousins and my sister putting me down because I’m not in college! It’s annoying they think they’re all that. I try to distance myself. It’s bullying and I have learning disability.

  17. Any advice on what I should do if I am currently at college, but I have no real direction, but I have a ton of passion for things that they aren't willing to teach me. here, or anywhere else for that matter, how should I go about planning out my future if I am currently in an undesirable situation?

  18. So I am a high functioning autistic person stuck at home on disability and I am almost getting pushed to go to college and I am trying to get a job so I can make money and get out some! What jobs could I do since I'm high functioning autistic?

  19. There is so much you can do ! You do not need college! Unless you really wanna be a doctor or lawyer! But if it is only for the money. You can make money many different ways.

  20. Hi garry, it s my first comment ever on your channel and i hope you reply..
    I would know, with my case where i am from algeria ( 3rd world ) and studying in france and thinking to come back to home after dropping university but what you think about it, if i keep in college because apparently i have to , in order to have a situation in france i have to get a job to have a legal residency otherwise i am not taking advantage of my time in france… also if i come back to algeria the odds arent the same , i mean i would lose the opportunity of being in a great city paris, and then i would be in algeria where things arent that easy and clear in the USA for example …
    Please i am waiting for your grinding and hustling oriented advice , i am in front of a BIG LIFE DECISION, dont you think ..
    Thank man

  21. I’m 15 but at this moment I don’t want to go to college anymore due to the fact that as long as I financially sustain myself, pay my bills, have extra money if needed, and don’t stress too much on my work I’ll be happy with my life. I noticed I don’t need to be rich to enjoy my life. On the other hand I want to have more than 1 way to get multiple income without stress

  22. I'm sure a big percentage of students at the most prestigious schools are ghetto brown and black kids like myself. Schools like Princeton & Harvard want diversity on campus so they do feel for you when they read your essay, if teachers don't give a fuck about you how come many teachers of mine noticed something off in me they kept bugging so I told them about my mental illness. Maybe his teachers hated him but not mine chief.

  23. The job market shift means a lot more small business owners. Jobs are starting to become a thing of the past. Why get a degree that will maybe impress some doughebag?

  24. Basically Gary is such a two face! He cannot read that well, per him, so be careful with his feedback.

    a professional would say go to school, get some type of kraft skill, with certification with some type of training. Also put lots of volunteer time, build relationships, keeps stats on yourself. Come on gary! He is whacked out on fucking podpuffs! Lol

  25. Only problem is… In Africa, you can work ur Ass n Face off.. Ur whole life and Still die Poor! With or Without a degree.
    So am going without da Degree. Thanx Garry! Love from. GHANA

  26. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations for a guy that wants to make a good amount of money for the sole purpose of using it to travel (whenever he wishes) as well as give back to the communities around the world? Does not have a college degree, but does have knowledge/experience pertaining to a few particular skills and natural creativity. Completely disregards materialism and normality. He simply wants the freedom to travel and go about his day as he chooses rather than be confined to a strict schedule or 9-5 job for the rest of his life. Any advice, tips or secrets are much appreciated!

  27. – College won't guarantee you a job.
    – Student Loans after college are really expensive.
    – Too much work.
    Don't want to do college? Then just don't

  28. I believe you could truly be successful without college, if you believe in yourself and have faith that your dreams will come true, they will ! If you’re chasing your dreams eventually you’ll catch up to them ! Don’t give up.

  29. Figure out what you WANT to do and WORK HARD AT IT… day in and day out. It's as simple as that. If what you're doing isn't worth eating shit for, then your stakes aren't high enough!

  30. ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️




  31. College is trash, waste of your valuable time, plus think of this way, Can biology help u to get money or doing stupid essays. ITS ALL CORRUPTED. Learn a trade get some experience in something u like to work on, and make it into a legit company, its all about hustle. Im 22, I spent 1 year in college, didn’t learn anything to make money. Thank god he opened my eyes im dropping off from college.my last semester and BYE Bye. Time to be successful. Hustle Guys..👊🏻

  32. My biggest fear right now is that I am 27 now but where will I be in the next 20-30 years if all this "hustle and work hard" thing doesn't work out. I've been struggling for the last two years thinking that going to university is the best option in my case but I just don't want to but again, I am very afraid of being 50-60 and miserable for the decision I am making now.

  33. "amikor panaszkodsz, senki nem akar segíteni" – Stephen Hawking ez jo . ti eddig ezt csináltátok évekig:))))))) csodálkoztok még nincs alku:)))))))))))

  34. I start school again tomorrow, i attend community college “aka high school DLC “ and I’m debating on even going away to a 4 year school. So far school feels like a black hole that sucks the life and motivation right out of me.

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