Where are Saddam Hussein’s golden weapons?

Where are Saddam Hussein’s golden weapons?

it’s no surprise that psychotic despot
sand drug lords who came to power through violence and intimidation would
be fascinated with gold-plated and diamond-encrusted weapons the most
well-known collector what’s the dom was named after his fall
his weapon seemed to be scattered in every direction exactly how many weapons
were in Saddam’s arsenal is not the public knowledge so it’s unclear how
many have just fallen off the books the ones that have been accounted for are
often placed in museums and presidential libraries around the world as historical
artifacts the guns Saddam had on him when he was captured by Delta force a
nine-millimeter Glock 18c was seized and presented to President George W Bush but
it should be noted that it is not one of the bedazzled ones it is on display at
his Presidential Library at one point Wired reported that Boeing Air Force
Base even had a golden ak-47 in a display case at the Defense Intelligence
Agency’s building not to be confused with one of his most famous gilded
weapons the golden to book an Iraqi variant of the ak-47
it’s a gold-plated ak-104 assault rifle made of gold metal plastic and wood
along the wooden handguard and Arabic wreaths a gift from the President of the
Republic mr. Saddam Hussein a gift to who I mean
it’s believed that it was issued to the unit’s responsible for the personal
protection of Hussein it may have also been used at public events by the palace
guards soldiers of 101st Airborne Division discovered this particular
weapon in northern Iraq it was given as an official thank-you to the Australian
troops that helped them in the area the weapon traded hands a few times before
Australia’s Deputy Chief of Army Major General John Cantwell accepted it and
place it in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra in 2007 you might wonder why
more weapons weren’t taken as trophies by troops in Iraq the short answer is
that being in possession of weapons that aren’t cleared and don’t have any
paperwork breaks countless UCMJ Interpol UN and Geneva Convention laws in the
1960s and 1970s there are regulations that allow troops to go through proper
avenues to bring home war trophies but that is no longer the case
in 2003 the Department of Defense made it clear that under no circumstances
with service members be permitted to bring home weapons ammunition or any
other objects that were formerly in possession of the enemy according to the
DoD officials the taking of war trophies goes against the coalition mission in
Iraq and Afghanistan and everyone totally abides by that rule right right
unfortunately no this hasn’t stopped troops from becoming war criminals in
pursuit of riches Saddam’s weapons still pop up from time to time in 2014 two men
from New Jersey were caught in a sting by the FBI trying to sell over 1 million
dollars worth of Hussein family weapons later that same year Marine Corps Staff
Sergeant Joel Miller had his conviction overturned after being framed and
sentenced for smuggling home a chrome-plated 8k variant in 2005 as it
turns out another marine had planted the weapon on him after millard threatened
to expose the guys affair unless miller was still given a bad conduct discharge
after serving 20 years in the Marine Corps that gun was reportedly seized by
the Hemet Police Department and its whereabouts all right no but at least
two of Saddam’s weapons have been known to make their way to auction legally the
m77 rifle that Saddam held during a 2000 military parade was given to an unnamed
agent after 29 years of service to the CIA although it wasn’t flashy like the
rest of Saddam’s armory it still put up and sold at auction for forty eight
thousand eight hundred and seventy five dollars get me a gun
anyone’s gun damn


  1. Do I need to bring back Lee R. Emery to retest that ugly looking of a gun? I’m sure he’ll have some words of his own to say about that hunk of junk.

  2. Speaking of guns, check out this video about the time Marines called Customer Service in the middle of a fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc0Tmw26XVA

  3. Wait. What? Sorry. Has to watch the video a couple of times. Keept thinking "I'm in love… Again". 🤣 #lovethemhosts

  4. War trophy, non-fully-automatic firearms should be allowed. It's ridiculous that they aren't, because we all know that the higher-level officers do take them for their homes.

  5. الف رحمه على روحك صدام حسين امنيتي ومعجزتي يرجع صدام حسين

  6. They also looted him and his sons car collections and exotic animals amongst everything else they took.Quite a few people are driving his and his sons cars around right now.

  7. when you talk about drug lords and psychopathic evil individuals fascination with gold guns and you end the video yelling to get someones gun…

  8. The best thing about General Cantwell's Gold Tabuk was when he was returning to the Australian Base by way of an American Helo, A US Army soldier asked him where he got it from. to which Cantwell replied. "I'm Australian, we're issued these."
    To which the Soldier turned to his buddy and went "Did you hear that them Aussies get Gold AK's"

    This is ignoring the fact that we had been serving alongside that same unit for the better part of a year…

  9. The golden Ak-47 assault rifle that was in JBAB was a gift from Him to his son, there was more than 1, they have 2

  10. We had a pair of Full Auto Gold Plated MP5s in our Battalion S-Shop. Brought them back from the '03 invasion. YATYAS The weapons were made in-op. Youtube me

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