Where You Can Work and Innovate: IT Careers

Where You Can Work and Innovate: IT Careers

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m very honored to have been
recognized by Constellation as one of the business
transformation leaders 150. At Navy Federal, like most
financial institutions, we’re really about serving
who our members are and how they interact with us
on a day in and day out basis. For the most part,
that’s starting to happen more and more
in the digital world, and it requires us to
provide the kinds of services and capabilities that
really excite them day in and day out, that really
ensure that they have great financial services,
and ensure that they’re able to do the types
of things that they need to do in their daily
lives to meet their family obligations. The way we do that is to provide
really innovative technology that meets their needs at
their very basic levels and really ensures that they
are able to do the kinds of financial transactions, the
kind of financial counseling, the kind of financial
interactions that they need to do when they
need to do them in the way that they need to do it. That drives a lot of
innovation– a lot of hard computing work
to make that happen well. And we’re excited that
we have the opportunity to delight members in
the way that we interact with them in the digital
world the same way that we’ve done in
the physical world. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. It is not every day where you get to see such a hands on team! That being said your members must be very well taken care of!!! 🙂 #CUfamilies #CUdifference #community

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