Why College and Good Grades Are a Scam

Why College and Good Grades Are a Scam

Now I want to talk to you a little bit about
the scam that I was sold growing up, and I suspect many of you in this room were sold
on this pitch and this scam. When I was a kid, I was taught by my environment, and by
the way when I say a scam I don�t mean anybody intentionally tried to deceive me. What I
mean is that it may have been true at a certain point in time, at a certain point in history,
I don�t think it�s true anymore today. I don�t mean that somebody has pernicious
motives, somebody was malevolent or had ill intent. What was the scam? When I was growing up this
is what I was taught. I was taught that if you want to be successful, this is what you
need to do. You need to have great grades. Preferably go to an amazing college and university.
Preferably top twenty five. Preferably top ten. And you need to get great grades there.
Then, if you really really want to be successful, what you need to do is go to grad school.
Preferably be a doctor or lawyer. Certainly if you�re Jewish, those are the main occupations.
When I was a kid I was told, my parents always said, �Be what you want. Do what you want.
Do what makes you feel good. But you know you�re going to law school or med school
right?� That�s pretty much kind of the way I grew up. But of course be yourself and
be happy. But you know, one or the other. Please. We have to have some pride, some nachas
out of you. And I believe that we were taught this, and
by the way by just a quick show of hands, you know what I�m talking about? Were you
told this growing up? Ya? No? But you�re aware of the idea? Well, there are, there�s
about 80 million people in the United States today who are classified as gen x, or gen
y, or millennials, that were sold on this bill of goods. Coming up the system. So what happens? You
show up, okay. Great. I�m ready to enter the workforce. I�m 21, I�m 22, maybe I�m
30, and things aren�t really working for me. But wait a minute, but I got a resume.
And it says I got a GPA, and it says I got a degree in something, and I could send it
to you on Microsoft Word, we could send it as a PDF, we could do it either way you like,
maybe both. Why is the world not embracing me? I thought I was sold that if I go do this,
I�m going to have 6 figures. And two kids, and a dog and I�ll make 6 figures and I�ll
be able to have vacations, and life will be good. That�s the bill of goods that most
of us were sold. That may have been true for one or two generations that that was the path.
It doesn�t work anymore. So I don�t mean it was a scam that somebody
tried to sell us something that was intentionally not accurate, I just don�t think it works
anymore. And how do I know? Because based on what I do from dealing with young professionals,
not only in the Jewish community but from all kinds of different communities. And I
keep a close ear what�s going on with young professionals, adults, business people, people
seeking to hire � it doesn�t work. I�m telling you if you try to rely on your
resume and the fact that you got a degree, and the fact you had a good GPA, nobody cares.
Nobody cares. Literally, nobody cares. Nobody cares. It doesn�t work.


  1. I was scammed by the education system as well. You're better off learning to get trade certificates than degrees now (saves you money). Degrees are basically worthless, they do not even tell you what you studied. The J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) college degree era is over, it is the hustler and  business owner time now. Owning your own business, online or offline, is the new requirement to the American Dream, or maybe it was always that way.

  2. College isn't bad as long as you pick the right major. I went to a community college and graduated with an Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapy. I graduated with zero debt because I used the Pell Grant meanwhile friends of mine graduated with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in things like Psychology or Criminal Justice. They have huge amounts of debt and can't find a job while I found a good paying job a month after I graduated. Just make sure you know there are employment opportunities with the major you picked preferably in the health care industry or any STEM major. If you don't do that then go to a vocational school.

  3. I have always been an advocate of higher education, but nowadays these people in college or university admissions / financing / administration have all the charm and charisma of an upscale auto dealership! OK…So you've got this amazing degree, even graduate study under your belt via a private institution – with honors, even! All fine well and good…But, if it merits you zero employment in your chosen field, or gets you nothing but an unrelated underpaid position, such as flipping burgers @ minimum wage, this "golden sheepskin" may as well be like having a Land Rover you're making payments on, sitting in a parking lot- doing absolutely nothing – because you can't afford to drive it!

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  5. I spent 5 years getting my degree in computer science. When I got out nobody would honor the degree because I had zero skills. Not even the IT department at the university would give me an interview because they said I had no skills. It was a total scam. It was like paying to be unemployed for 5 years and working yourself to the bone. I kind of new it was a scam, but I thought it was a scam because what we were doing was totally bullshit worthless, but I thought it was a scam employers were willing to pay for.

    Nobody cared I had the degree. I was told that people would see that as a sign I could learn whatever skill the job required in your field. No, they want that before they hire you. What they taught was 30 years out of date and all theory and jumped around so much it never long enough to get good enough to become skilled to do it as a job anyway. Also, 50% of the education is general studies which are totally unrelated to the major. They don't do it that way in Germany, and also in Germany they are much bigger on apprenticeships, which I think is good.

    I figured it would lead to a salary of low to mid six figures for a degree like that within a few years of graduation. It didn't. You have to teach yourself anyway, so just skip the college and skip any company that requires the degree. Many will say 2 years experience in place of 5 years of university or something.

    If you graduated after 1970 you were scammed.

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