Why do you want to be a military doctor?

Why do you want to be a military doctor?

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[Why Do You Want To Be A Military Doctor] [To Get a Higher Level of Reward] [CPT Christine
Winter] So I was already serving as an army medic
and chose to go ahead and stay in the Army as a physician just because it really takes
a lot of dedication and has a little level of rewards that you just don’t see on the
civilian side [To Be Inspired]
[2nd Lt Kelly Mead] Initially I had no idea what I signed up for
the military in military medicine but when I came back for a second look at the uniformed
services University I saw this promotional video that really showed me exactly what type
of environment i’d be getting myself into in a deploy setting and I realized this is
exactly what I want to do [To Advance The Mission]
[ENS Kathryn Driggers] In the military we have this common goal and
that is to advance the mission and advance the health care ofour troops really keep everybody
safe we are able to collaborate more fully than in the civilian side [To Help Families]
[2nd Lt Sandy Salzman speaking…] As a former forward operator I know that the
mission completion is really dependent on the peace of mind and focus of the people
executing the mission part of that focus is knowing that their families their spouses
their children are well taken care of and in good hands [To Be On Your Game text appears…] [ENS Kyla Christensen-Szalanski speaking…] I like that flexibility and also the the way
that requires me to be I guess on my game or to be able to still be aware of my my skills [To Be Part Of Something Bigger text appears…] [ENS Laura Barba speaking…] Supporting cause is a lot bigger than myself
and knowing that I can be a piece of the health that helps serve as the backbone of
this amazing nation [MHS Logo] For more information on how you can become
a military physician go to: www.usuhs.edu/medschool/


  1. Even I want to be army doctor but need a guide..bcz I am a school student and don't know much about field or level we have to cross to become like this😐

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