Why I Teach: Parag Bhuva, Social Studies Teacher

Why I Teach: Parag Bhuva, Social Studies Teacher

Teaching more than anything else in my life has exposed me to so many different people has exposed me to so many different students has exposed me to so many different experiences. and learning to still find something valuable in every single person is a challenge that I love, that I get from education and from teaching Teaching is an extremely rewarding job because you get to build relationships — so many high-quality relationships — with so many students and actually see the impact that you’re making on the students around you and on the culture of the building and even on developing yourself as a human being. I think that teaching forces you to really take a hard look as to what your ideals are, what your values are, and really test some of those values. If you think that you’re not a biased person or if you think that you want to treat everyone equally, then how do you actually go about doing that? One of the things that I love about teaching is the autonomy that I can sometimes have in the classroom. I was able to create a unit in my U.S. history class in which I gave the students a set amount of time to create a project regarding the Syrian refugee crisis and the kids were empowered to create something for Syrian refugees who are living here in Connecticut. And they were able to meet those refugees, really understand what their struggles were. We brought them into the classroom, We presented to them We gave them what the students created. And the kids created some amazing things. The setup that Neag gave me, the foundation that Neag gave me, gave me a lot to work with. in terms of my teaching so that I could become creative, so that I could navigate all of the various political structures of teaching and navigate the various difficulties that each teacher faces in managing time and managing the classroom. One of the reasons I love teaching so much is because It taught me how to be a human being. It’s made me a better person these connections with students.

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  1. Teaching is a noble profession where teacher takes real interest in Students and inculcates values to make student a good citizen. Salute to all teachers out there! Awesome!!

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