Why Students Love George Fox University – Top Ranked Christian College in America by Forbes

Why Students Love George Fox University – Top Ranked Christian College in America by Forbes

George Fox University is so homey, and it just has this different feeling that you
really can’t get at any other university When I first was looking at universities, I saw
George Fox’s campus and was like wow I have to go here. I’d probably describe it as the best school in the world I absolutely love this place For sure. The classes are small, which is nice, because you get to know your classmates and get to
have more of a personal relationship with your professors. For me, I’ve been challenged quite a bit, academically, its quite a shift going from public high
school to a private university like this It’s very challenging, and a lot is expected of you but, you get help if you need it. The professors are really open, and they love to teach what they’re teaching. The professors are on a first name basis, which is unique, that’s part of our Quaker heritage. So your professors actually get to know you as a person, They keep you accountable for your work, and I definitely appreciate that. You know, the teachers here, they really do a really good job and incorporate faith in the classroom which is so awesome because I came from just a public school where we weren’t allowed to talk about religion or God or anything like that Everyone is encouraged to study abroad or go on Juniors abroad which is a three week trip. I studied abroad my senior year, I studied abroad my senior year, I went to Costa Rica lived there for four months, and it really changed my perspective on who I am on how I live life on different cultures and i think its really great that George Fox
provides the opportunity for students to study abroad They have a great athletic program in general but if you’re not a part of the actual big big sports there’s always intramurals as well The basketball team is my second family and they still are So we won the national championship Its still to this day hard to believe that we did that and, you know, I still have flashbacks of the final seconds of that game and thinking, ‘oh my gosh, we did that’ the athletic department here is so awesome especially like at every single game, you know, we have the blue zone going and students getting riled up because the athletics are a huge part of Fox. When I didn’t know much about George Fox, but would tell people
that that was where I was gonna end up going, they were really impressed. People love the students that come from George Fox they’re hard workers, they’re compassionate people We have the serve day on campus George Fox loves to serve its community I think thats one of the things i thought was absolutely amazing you don’t see that at a state university you don’t see a day where everyone stops to go out and serve. that’s not on everyone’s priority list but George Fox has made it a priority but George Fox has made it a priority I am very grateful and blessed to be here It was one of the best choices I’ve made so far in my life George Fox is the best place to be George Fox is the most amazing school ever. I love it.


  1. @Electric8hofer I think not . I have a couple friends that go here and they said it isn't the best if its for ministry or missionary work. After hearing this, I decided not to look into it any further.

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