Why the most dreaded military injection is called the ‘peanut butter’ shot

Why the most dreaded military injection is called the ‘peanut butter’ shot

– The military requires
some gnarly vaccines for service members. There is a reason for this. Conflicts and travel
to foreign environments expose troops to infectious diseases, many of which, luckily, we can prevent. Before I PCSed to South Korea, I received in one day the
following vaccinations: Anthrax, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, TDAP, Typhoid, Yellow Fever,
Japanese Encephalitis, Measles/Mumps/Rubella,
Pneumococcal, and Smallpox. Which was disgusting
it literally makes you grow a small pock. That kind of vaccine
regimen isn’t that uncommon. For Army Basic recruits
also get MMR, Meningococcal, Polio, Tetanus Diptheria,
and if it’s flu season, a nice squirt of influenza up the nose. Sailors and Marines add
Yellow Fever to the list. There’s one shot that’s
dreaded above the rest, the peanut butter shot. It’s not this. I am gonna shoot these later
in the video though, so. Stick around. The feared and loathed peanut butter shot is the bicillin
vaccination used to prevent streptococcal infections. Because it is an irritating material, it requires a deep
intramuscular injection. Aka, the buttock. Good news for recruits
allergic to penicillin, they get an alternate antibiotic regimen. But everyone else gets a
painful shot in the ass. And for most of you poor
bastards, it’s done in front of all your new recruit friends. It’s called the peanut butter shot because of its peanut butter like viscosity. In other words, it’s thick. As a bonus because the
liquid for this particular shot is so dense, the body
takes longer to absorb it. Leaving an aggravated red
lump that keeps recruits from sitting comfortably for a few days and makes physical training
even worse than it already was. Do not search for videos
of people receiving the peanut butter shot. well, I feel uncomfortable now. You leave me a comment. Tell me about your
worst vaccine experience and cheers to your rears. – Another one! – Oh, god.


  1. Big Pharma hit the jackpot when those who volunteer for military service were denied any rights. No wonder the suicide rate among veterans is so high.

  2. Before my first cruise in the Navy, I got immunization for twenty six diseases. I took most in one arm and at the request of the corpsman, I took Black Plague and Yellow Fever in the other. That night, amputating my arm with a fork was a consideration so I could sleep!

  3. from what ive read, the penicillin shot is no longer on the DoD's required list of vaccinations due the the issues it caused recruits in basic training, they have simply replaced it with antibiotic pills

  4. I remember getting the peanut butter shot. It didn't hurt at first…. But when is been inject….. All hell break lose.

  5. In Parris Island in 1977 I got the PB shot. Lean forward on the chair in front of you and lift your leg. The corpsman waited till I put my leg back down and jammed it into the sciatic nerve (main one for the leg). So I had that lump and irritating my whole leg for 3 days. But worse was Vaccine "A" and "B" during Desert Storm (Anthrax). I did not feel a thing going in. Thirty seconds later someone pored gasoline down my arm and lit me up. I wasn't too bad, some folks could not use their arm for over a week.

  6. I guess they stopped using the AIR GUN injectors? When?
    Those were rather epic. ITS AIR. AND THEIR INJECTING WITH IT
    don't hit a vein noob
    welcome to the army!

  7. They tell you not to tense your butt cheek…… Then they stab it with a needle that's got that shit in it and what always happens…… You tense up. Then it hurts for the next week. Oh and at Marine boot camp you get it twice.

  8. The morning after, most of the top bunk guys jumped down and hit the floor on that side. Ouch… I was a bottom bunker.

  9. Worst shot I had was before we deployed to the 1st Gulf War. It was called the GG shot. The medics would literally pull the injection out of the frig, and you got it in the tuchas, Oy! We had it twice, once in Germany, and once in Iraq.

  10. I was in the rapid reaction force in the early 80's and we were definitely guinea pigs for this stuff. We got everything you mentioned but the Asian-centric stuff but added two types of plague, dengue fever and something they shot in your ass that felt like cement. We didn't have a name for it back then. I have it on good authority that the four shots of penicillin you get in the ass for the clap is similar but x4. 🙂

  11. Smallpox was the worst for me. Having an itchy sore that can't be scratched was terrible. I also hated trying to keep that fucker dry while showering. A few guys in my unit scratched their vaccination sites and got themselves quarantined when smallpox spread to other parts of their bodies

  12. Being allergic to many antibiotics life is already shit lol. I'm allergic to something in the meningitis vaccine, doc told me they didn't know what in it I allergic to and my arm got swollen and red. Apparently there is the possibility of me dying if I get it again. These vaccines are what keep me away me from the armed forces. I also have a severe fear of needles yo add on to it all.

  13. I hated the Swine Flu shot in '76. Between the chills and the fever I couldn't decide if I wanted a blanket or not all night.

  14. I flinched and my ass hurt for a couple days longer than normal. I bled a bit on my shorts to. Man that shot sucks.

  15. Yep. They told us in the Marines right after the shot, to sit on your ass and rock around. But hey, pain is weakness leaving the body

    sees the peanut butter shot: OHH HELL NAH IM GOING HOME.

  17. I was scared until you got to the part about being allergic to penicillin so I don’t have to do that horrid shot if I decide to join

  18. So, I just got Tdap, MMR, and meningococcal three months ago.
    If I went to basic, would I have to take these again?
    I had a really bad reaction to one of the above. Which one, I'm not sure.

  19. Nope didnt get it when I went through basic training or anyone else on that train in my cycle. But I do remember at medic school getting couple hematoma from injection and IV training.

  20. IIRC, we got a total of three PB shots during boot… I remember thinking "this chick is cuuu – ah!" as she's telling me not to tense up (may have been the boot camp goggles by that point).

  21. When I got the "Peanut Butter" shot in boot camp, my "cheek" swelled up so bad I couldn't fit in my trousers for 2 days. LOL.

  22. Check out our video about the 10 weirdest military traditions (and sound off if you took part!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy3SIRuUyMw

  23. The battery of shots that I got back in basic training, knocked me on my ass! I collapsed in the chow hall the following day. The T.I was NOT happy. That was 31 years ago.

  24. These shots are one reason why you REALLYdon't want to piss off medics. Bad enough with a sharp needle, with a dull one…its…interesting, and not in a good way.

  25. Old enough to remember the air-gun shots? I have a scar that looks like a war wound but I'm only an Army Brat 😉

  26. The pb shot isnt as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. Yea its painful, but its mostly a pressure thing and it doesnt hurt as bad after a day or so if you dont bump it on something or mess with it.

  27. Sad. Our military that kills innocent people globally… does experiments on our innocent citizens with vaccines. 85% of our military comes home sick and dies early. Very sad that we are hoodwinked.

  28. They give us these various vaccines… And yet we get diseases we never heard of since 1815! Especially the Naval branch… Poor bastards keep getting old world disease we assumed was gone since 1800s

  29. I was a Navy Doc and had to give them when grunts would come in after a few days and end up with "the dreaded drip" and painful urination. They were thick because they were refrigerated.

  30. Yep… it is hurt like a mother… and lasted for days. My entire right side, from neck to feet, was cramping for two days.

  31. "Sitting comfortably for a few days"?
    Honey,I was feeling the pain of the bicillin shot from Navy boot camp 2 years later.
    You could tell companies which had been infected from those which hadn't gotten the shot just from which was limping.

  32. "Conflicts and travel to foreign environments expose troops to infectious diseases" no offense but if I join the Air Force what is the likelihood that I would contract some exotic/tropical disease if I was stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany, very low right? I hardly think there's any exotic diseases in Europe.

  33. You were as upbeat, happy, and enthusiastic to inform us as anyone I've seen induced eating Human DNA, cow eyeballs infused burgers at McD's; your peanut butter Alcohol shots are totally different healthy addictions, so it's easier to see WHY your so smiley.

  34. I remember getting a shot in the rear. I do not remember anything else about it, since reception is such an overall unpleasant experience that it probably cancelled out the pain.

  35. I don’t have any horror story’s but the best shot I’ve ever got was hepatitis b it honestly felt pretty good

  36. had that shot myself in boot camp no big deal to me it did fell cold going in but no real pain and after we all got those shots they took us out and made us march around for a hour.

  37. I remember be in Hospital with a guy from my squadron. He was laughing at me for all the shots and blood being drawn at one time. Minutes later the shoe was on the other foot, when he got the Penicillin shot straight from the refrigerator to h is bum. That ended his laughing, and started mine. We both laughed about it later, much later !

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