The United States Navy has taken delivery
of USS South Dakota (SSN 790) It is the 17th Virginia-class submarine and 7th Block III
variant. The vessel will be commissioned into service
early in 2019. The important point to note is USS South Dakota
is not a typical Virginia class vessel but is the lead vessel for the U.S Navy’s secret
Acoustic Superiority Program. Acoustic Superiority Program aims to maintain
the technical edge over Russia & China by making the submarines more silent so that
harder to detect by sonar. In this video, Defense Updates analyses why USS South Dakota is the most stealthy submarine of U.S Navy? Let’s get started. The Virginia class sometimes referred to as
SSN-774 class, is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the
United States Navy. Virginia class is designed to replace older
Los Angeles-class submarines, many of which have already been decommissioned. Virginia-class submarines will be acquired
through 2043, and are expected to remain in service till 2070. Virginia-class submarines are designed for
a broad spectrum of open-ocean and littoral missions. Their primary purpose is to take out enemies
surface combatants and submarines and the secondary task is to execute land attack missions. USS South Dakota has been build by shipbuilder
Huntington Ingalls Industries. It has a length of 115 m. To give viewers a perspective, its length
is slightly greater than that of a football field. It displaces around 7,900 tons. USS South Dakota like all other Block III
variant is acknowledged to be able to move to depths of 240m (800 feet) but allegedly
capable of going down to 490 m (1,600 feet). A single S9G reactor that produces around
30 MW powers South Dakota The reactor features improved corrosion resistance
and reduced life-cycle costs. It also has reduced size and weight enabling
the submarine to pack more weapons and sensors. The S9G reactor is designed to operate for
33 years without refueling. So USS South Dakota has a practically unlimited range, limited by only food supplies and maintenance requirements. The reactor produces enough power to propel
South Dakota over 25 knots that is 46 km/hr or 29 mph, though the actual numbers may be
significantly higher. The Virginia class is the first to use photonic
sensors instead of a traditional periscope. The class is equipped with high-resolution
cameras, along with light-intensification and infrared sensors as well as an infrared
laser rangefinder. Block III variant of Virginia-class is has
redesigned elements and feature several types of sonar arrays. 1. It incorporates a Large-Aperture Bow (LAB)
water-backed array, which replaces the traditional air-backed spherical array. This is main sonar is one of the most powerful
sonar mounted in any of the submarines in the world. 2. Two high-frequency active sonars mounted in
the sail and bow. These supplements the main sonar array improving
anti-submarine warfare performance. 3. A fiber optic sonar array, consisting of 3
flat panels are present in either side of the hull. 4. For coverage above and behind the submarine,
a High-frequency sonar is mounted on both sides of the submarine’s sail. USS South Dakota is also equipped with a low
frequency towed sonar array and a high frequency towed sonar array. Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley, the Navy’s then
program executive officer for submarines, said on July 8, 2016, the Center for Strategic
and International Studies. “This is our response to the continued improvement
in our peer competitors’ submarine quality. The Russians with the production of the Severodvinsk
SSGN took a significant step forward in their acoustic ability. We want to maintain pace ahead of that. We never want to reach acoustic parity, we
always want to be better than anything any other country is putting out there in the
submarine domain.” Jabaley added, “The modifications include
new acoustical hull coatings, a series of machinery improvements inside the hull and
the addition of two new large vertical sonar arrays—one on each side. The new sonar arrays “provide a significant
advantage in the ability to detect other submarines before you yourself are in a position to be
detected.” South Dakota will also receive a new enhanced
propulsion system. Jabaley said,“ South Dakota will have an
improved enhanced hybrid propulsor that we have developed with DARPA. It promises to present a significant acoustic
advantage.” USS South Dakota is deadly as it is packed
with different kinds of weapons to knock out varied targets. 1. Two large-diameter Virginia Payload Tubes,
each capable of launching 6 Tomahawk cruise. Tomahawk is a long-range, all-weather, cruise
missile that is used for land-based attacks. It has a long range of 1200 to 2500 km, enabling
them to be launched from far off. 2. Four 533 mm torpedo tubes for the Mk-48 torpedo. There is a capacity to carry up to 26 Mk-48
torpedoes in the weapons chamber. These torpedoes have a range in excess of
50 km or 31 miles and can be used to take out enemy submarines and surface vessels. 3. Like all Virginia class, South Dakota can
also lay different types of mines including the MK-60 CAPTOR Encapsulated Torpedo mines. 4. An integral lock-out/lock-in chamber is incorporated
into the hull for special operations. The chamber can host a mini-submarine, such
as Northrop Grumman’s Advanced SEALS Delivery System that can be used to transport special
warfare forces such as Navy SEAL teams.


  1. How effective is gravitational/magnetic anomaly detection?
    Someone told me submarines are all but obsolete thanks to advancements in detection technologies.

  2. Please remove/change the background music. The bong bong bong sound every 5 seconds makes your otherwise great videos unwatchable. Thanks!

  3. Having submarines that are superior to those of any other nation is very important. The Russians and Chinese are always looking for something that will make them superior in combat. The Navy will be a branch of our service that will be called on first to combat any of our enemies, wether it’s on the sea or under it. We also need some advantages to our surface fleet against those enemies.

  4. America's Submarines are far Superior than Russia's Submarines. USS South Dakota will take down Russia's new Stealthy Lada Class Submarines, if he have two.

  5. so sounds like another standard issue small closgerfobic submarine of our U.S. navy while Russia still uses the biggest limousine in the world when talking about the size and capability of submarines

  6. It would be helpful to know when the contract to build was let and when construction
    began. For those of us who believe in strong defense it would be good to know who
    in our government helped make this fish a reality.

  7. Teams of smaller submarines can play some nice furtive missions in litoral and in exclusive maritime zones against sea vessels , in blockades and in seamine warfares. They are harder to find (even if sunken) and can appear inadvertently.

  8. hard to believe how long these will be in service. i'll be long dead (and so will most watching this) when these are still sailing.

  9. Stop haters from requesting my money from the navy the full amount. 46 Quatrillon US dollars. Give or take

  10. because the US leads the way and other countries just follow or if their communist countries they just hack and copy and Russia will just claim they had it first:)

  11. OK Russia watched out
    Russian build modern YASEN-M is the most advanced and stealthy submarine in the world .
    Even the USA fears it….

  12. Make video on Chinese Anti Submarine Satellite used laser to kill submarine below water at dept of 500m. They are working on these project u provide details about it.

  13. You wouldn't have so much problems now with China if you haven't invested there heavily its a Communist country for Gods sake. Its your fault americans, PLA China today is arrogant, rich and powerful. Instead of investing it to your Ally like the Philippines you invested there in exchange for cheap labors.

    China now is laughing at you HA HA HA ! ! ! They used your greed against you.

  14. Do your narrative in feet and miles, then kilometers. You will keep your American audience (and students of National Defense) and not sound so g.d. PC or European. (EU Leadership quietly hates us, so why do we need to suck up to their measurements… use feet and miles).

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  16. So………. US Navy frigates won't be able to avoid colliding with it even when they are TRYING to avoid colliding with this sub?

  17. do they have large lcd screens showing the crew images outside the submarine, or they could become claustrophobic

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  19. This is NOT a video. It's just a series of photographs. If you are going to make a video, show some actual movement, not just still photos. Absolute lazy crap production. Thumbs down. Unsubscribed.

  20. is this sub more stealthy than the upcoming soryu jap subs? i read the sonar systems on the new soryu jap subs are the most advanced ever.

  21. Perhaps a U.S. naval historian can help answer this question for me. Despite all of the Hollywood movies and documentaries about the U.S. Navy has any U.S. submarine ever been in an active battle since the conclusion of the Second World War? I mean you're spending billions of dollars on these ships, they have been in operation for decades, but they don't actually perform a combat role. Do they? That can't be said of your aircraft carriers or battle ships.

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