Women Formation Pride of China’s Military Parades

Women Formation Pride of China’s Military Parades

We’re the first formation and will set the stride and speed for the rest of the paraders So we certainly bear greater pressure Also men have a bigger stature than women so it’s difficult for us to align with them (The rifle) weighs 3.25 kilos Reporter: Will you carry it all day? We have to take it in the morning and afternoon training It can only be taken off at lunchtime Our physical strength is not so good as the male soldiers We pay a lot to overcome this problem as the set standard for us women is as high as that for men


  1. I am not paying any attention what they are saying (Not important) , sound is off what a bunch of beautiful women to safeguard my motherland , my花木蘭 !!

  2. Scared to death they are. They must perform or they are nothing to the Communist. But Communism isn't what it used to be…now it's just Capitalists hiding behind Communism….I love Capitalism…soooooooooooo

  3. It looks like China and the Communists are into cloning all these women are ID in looks and height and weight and clothing

  4. They won't look so smart after a couple of days in a muddy blood-stained intestine spewed trench. Parade ground pomp has nothing to do with the realities of war. It only deceives naive people into thinking that there is something glorious about tearing apart other innocent naive people. Be more careful who you choose to be your government.

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