[World of Warships] Naval Legends: USS Kidd

[World of Warships] Naval Legends: USS Kidd

you you they were designed to be the best they met enemies face to face endured tragedies and enjoyed victories they went down in history due to the bravery of their crews and deserve to be called naval legends in this episode kid a pirates tour of duty my name is Tim Nesmith I’m the ship’s superintendent for the USS Kidd DeeDee 661 the kid is a fletcher-class destroyers that served in world war ii from 1943 to 1946 she served again during the Korean War starting in 1951 and ended her service in 1964 during the Cold War the ship derives her name from Rear Admiral Isaac C kid who died on the bridge of the USS Arizona flagship during the attack on Pearl Harbor the Arizona sank after her magazines were directly hit by a bomb from the air posthumously Kidd was awarded with the Medal of Honor the highest US military honor after the vessel was built the crew decided to choose a lucky talisman and decided upon the namesake pirate Captain William Kidd an English sailor who lived in the 17th century who was widely known in folklore he is even considered to be one of the direct inspirations for Captain Flint from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson mrs. kid thought that was a great idea and got permission for them to fly pirate flag and also to paint a pirate up on the forward smokestack Admiral kids nickname as it turns out part of the reason that this actually worked and the Navy gave permission was cap after Captain Kidd the pirate initially the ship served in the Atlantic protecting convoys then she was included in the 48th destroyer squadron and transferred to the Pacific consequently she participated in the battles of Bougainville Rabaul Philippines tenían Guam and Okinawa with 12 meters length 115 metres gross displacement up to 3,000 tonnes draft four meters armament major caliber five turrets with 127 millimeter in k-12 versatile cannons low caliber AAA guns five chained befores autocannons forty millimeter and 720 millimeter airlie corn torpedo tubes a couple of five tube launchers anti-submarine weapons key gun howitzers with 28 d bombs hull armor up to 19 millimeters propulsion 60,000 SHP with speed up to 38 nuts and range of 6,500 NM i people of a certain age could be pulled into military service came from all walks of life they might have entered the Navy without any particular skill they were trained in bootcamp or they once they got onboard ship that was a phrase called striking a rate the 330 people coming from all walks of life a lot of people different religions different ethnicities three that had different cultural backgrounds thrown into the mix in a small little ship is an interesting time for a lot of a major part of world war two she spent in hot moist climates the crew had a really hard time facing temperatures up to 35 to 40 degrees Celsius and even hotter inside the hull at the beginning of World War two five weeks after Pearl Harbor at 17 years old I joined the Navy I went through training center in San Diego and wound up in Pearl Harbor Hawaii on the salvage crew salvaging the sunken ships that were sunk during the Jap on December the 7th 1941 I worked for 60 days without stopping 10 to 12 hours a day cleaning up removing ammunition standing by while they picked up bodies and evident let us young boys fool with the bodies thankfully destroyers those days really lacked internal space the placement of living space was predominantly ruled by ships design and convenience was secondary listed crews slept on top of the magazine’s if they took a hit there and there’s an explosion unfortunately you would lose those crew members and for that reason the crew did not sleep segregated according to their division all the engineers wouldn’t be in one spot all the Gunners wouldn’t be in another spot you would have them scattered throughout the ship so that if you did take a hit like that you wouldn’t lose a large percentage of one area the US fleet has always longed to maximize survivability of its vessels all expedient equipment was designed in order to help the crew to repair any damage possible for instance the crews hammocks were made water and fireproof these could easily be used to plug modest sized holds in the ship and stamp out a fire we are in radio central here aboard the kid during the kamikaze attack in 1945 this area was hit pretty hard by the bomb blast it shredded the entire portside bulkhead a lot of the wounded from that attack came from this area the situation in the Pacific became quite heated by the end of the 1930s Japan had invaded China and was preparing to advance towards the u.s. moreover the Japanese fleet grew very rapidly the threat didn’t remain unnoticed from over the ocean the US military machine developed classes of ships one after another gradually improving their characteristics of all the ships in the Navy the battle wagons get all the attention and the aircraft carriers all the glory but arguably the backbone of the fleet has always been two destroyers small fast nimble little ships with dual purpose armament which can often pack a punch quite above their weight one of the most numerous classes was the fletcher class destroyer Wondra dand 75 or sail were built and we are on one right now USS Kidd which is pretty much 1945 configuration as it was at the end of the war work on Fletcher class ships was initiated in 1939 right before world war ii broke out they turned out to be larger than their predecessors allowing for an increase in their battle potential a number of additional measures were introduced so as to increase sustainability the decks armor was up to 19 millimeters thick the engine and boiler rooms were placed far away from each other such an arrangement lowered the chances of the ship’s immobilization even if heavily damaged Fletcher’s turned out to be outstandingly robust withstanding multiple successful assaults a fact that really lifted the spirits of the crews on major caliber cannons were designed to engage both aerial and ground targets the shells were equipped with remote fuses that significantly increased the power of the ship’s artillery fire armed with a good selection of weaponry from dual purpose 5-inch guns down to anti-ship torpedos and anti-submarine depth charges destroyer had a fair chance of being a danger to pretty much anything that I met on high seas despite the high battle potential Fletcher’s were never designed for solo operations as a rule they were used in squadrons similar to any other destroyers destroyers would be in divisions of three and four squadrons rate a nine the usual taskings were escort duty anti-submarine warfare pickets ships reconnaissance screening and pretty much anything that ship could do it or it could be asked to do based on their powerful armament unique survivability sophisticated fire control systems long operational range and decency keeping Fletcher’s are rightfully considered one of the best ships of this type of course along with many other classes of ships they also had their fair share of casualties during the war there were 25 fletcher-class destroyers that were sunk during World War two Japanese kamikaze tactics became their major headache the ships were quite an easy target patrolling far away from major forces and it was April 1945 that our Pacific pirate first encountered kamikaze pilots Kidd was patrolling in a group of four destroyers when a couple of aircraft were spotted in the skies seemingly having a dogfight with one another perplexed to have detected an allied plane the ships ceased fire and kept observing only when the couple started to descend a crews realized that it was a trap set to by a kamikaze one of the planes was shot down but the other one hit the USS kids deck almost a third of the crew was incapacitated 38 killed 45 wounded the chief mechanic was boiled alive in the ship’s boiler rooms the ship’s doctor was caught by a bomb fragment and lost his eye making him unable to fulfill his duty he was carrying a camera that he used to shoot the battle after the explosion its film was mostly burned except for the fragment displaying the Kamikaze plane directly before the impact the young boy and all the young boys were put in the most dangerous dirtiest jobs while my ship I was in the powder magazine I had no idea was going to be hit I don’t know what happened but all I know is a bang the lights went out I went out I woke up couldn’t see anything because they were so dark despite all these casualties the kid managed to move away for repairs under her own steam this surely outlines the outstanding construction of Fletcher’s and the high skill of the crews aboard however this was the end of World War two for the USS Kidd later she would participate in the Korean War supporting ground forced with her cannons during her service years the USS Kidd was awarded with twelve battle stars eight during World War two and the rest in the Korean events the ship also participated in numerous landing operations across the Pacific Ocean islands repelled aerial attacks of the Japanese and even scored a film role in run silent run deep a movie dedicated to us submarines in 1964 after 20 years of service the destroyer now inferior in certain parameters was finally decommissioned nevertheless a lucky fate saved the pirate ship from the dock cutters as it was decided to leave her among three Fletcher’s set to be renovated and turned into floating museums she’s been brought here to Baton Rouge as a memorial for the state’s veterans and for destroyer and Navy veterans all around the country and as rated one of the most accurate historical ships in the historic fleet which stands about five continents the name USS Kidd now belongs to the new arleigh burke-class of ship this old pirate may now sleep well her flag is in reliable hands you


  1. Wonderful mini documentary.
    Unnecessarily dramatic music and the commentator seemed to be somewhat sensationalist; seems to be the norm on US shows at the moment…?

  2. Grew up and still live in Louisiana. Made many trips to her as a child. One of the very very VERY few ships I actually like.

    This ship is my #1 priority in WoWS, with #2 being New Orleans.

    They've both got huge sentimental value to me.

    My last name is Fletcher. I grew up in New Orleans (moved to Baton Rouge after Katrina), and I had two relatives who served on a Fletcher and a New Orleans.

    Planning to volunteer at the Kidd as well.

  3. Why is the 'superintendent' wearing camo? If he's a Marine all the more power to him but if he is well… His uniform looks kinda shabby.

    Nice all access to the ship though, need more of these vid's going through and talking about the equipment and men who served on them. It would be nice to include the names of those who lost their lives on these vessels (American, Japanese and others as they add them).

  4. I love this series. One knock on it is that it sounds like they used a translate program and took the raw translation and put it into text-to-speech.

  5. What I like about destroyers is they multi-functionality but when the enemy is nearby, they are the first into the fray and usually get hit first. Because they have to defend the transports and carriers even if they have to sacrifice themselves.
    Like during the Battle off Samar, part of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Philippines.

  6. Visited the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge a few weeks ago on vacation. Very much worth the time to visit. The people at the museum are great too. Very friendly and helpful. Check out the museum and especially the models upstairs. You will not be disapointed!

  7. Ya'll should have covered the USS Johnston (DD-557). Now THAT is a legendary ship. Gave the Yamato the middle finger, and was sailed by men who's balls were of similar material and tonnage as the ship they sailed on. See Battle off Samar for reference.

  8. I seem to remember a story about trouble in the design of the overhead on the bridge deck on this class … something like it was not high enough.  The story I heard was that one of the gals on the design team, to figure the height took an average of the heights of the men in the team and added a foot, which proved too low in rough seas.  True or not it's an interesting story!

  9. be careful on mentioning units. at 3:14 the voice says the range is 6500 Nmi but the video says its range is in Miles. Nmi stands for Nautical Miles, which is different from miles. Thank you

  10. are they or did they add this ship to the premium shop at all? or will they? really want this destroyer badly

  11. A truely amazing ship even though it's "only" 377 feet long I was surprised at all the compartments and places in the ship it has 4 platforms but the only that I they wouldn't let you see is the engine room but overall the ship really is a time capsule. I highly recommend touring the kidd

  12. I visited The USS KIDD when I was 13 . Amazing, it made me realize what it was like for my grandfather as a chief radiomans mate on the USS DICKINSON DD157 AND USS HERBERT DD160..

  13. My dad was aboard the Kidd when she was hit by the Jap plane.  He was wounded and lived.  Edward Rynes (may have been K/A Ryno).  I'd love to see any and all photos that anyone has that were taken aboard ship 1943, 44, & 45 in the hopes of spotting my dad.Thank you to all our countries servicemen & women. God bless.

  14. One USS Kidd not mentioned is USS Kidd DDG-993 originally ordered by the Shah of Iran, he was overthrown the ships (there was four of them) couldn't be delivered so they went into service as the Kidd class (sailors humor called them the "Ayotolla Class".

  15. We need Bismarck, Tirpitz, all of the South Dakota class, all of the North Carolina class, Enterprise CV6 hms hood, fuso class

  16. Small modern escorts of this size, are what the US Navy needs most today. Call them anything you like.
    They are needed at sea. They will be the front line of defense against waves of anti-ship missiles, and other dangers abroad.

  17. You're referencing a US ship presumably to US viewers so what's with all the metric sh*t?? And, say what things are; shaft horse power, not "shp," nautical miles, not "nm," and the 20mm are pronounced Orli-kahn', not Orlycorn. Otherwise, it was a pretty good video. I certainly agree with the earlier commenter about doing a similar video on the USS Johnston and the USS Samuel B. Roberts, both badass destroyers.

  18. My grandfather was on this ship and the u.s.s. Black. He survived the kamikaze attack because his shift on the gun had just ended. As he closed the hatch to go below they were hit. The man who relieved him died instantly, his eyes were bulging out. Even though he could’ve gone home, he went to another ship. He died 3 yrs ago. The democrats will never understand what men did for them

  19. My grandfather, Lieutenant James Edward Gilboy, was the damage control officer during the kamikaze attack. I'm grateful his vessel was saved and made into a museum.

  20. Toured this fine ship several times. I live in New Orleans and served in the Navy. First and last ships were Destroyers. Gotta love the tin can!

  21. Damnit it's an American ship. Give it to us in American measurements and temperatures. The only ones using the metric system when that ship was built were probably enemies.

  22. The "Pirate flag" is called the "Jolly Roger" and the USS Kidd is the only American Naval ship allowed to fly it. My Dad served on a Fletcher that was Kamikazed at Okinawa.

  23. Times a changing about 20 years ago we had a African Muslim on board and used to pinch his ass and try to look up his prayer robe do that shit in 2019 and you would be court martialed

  24. I was on the USS Halsey Powell DD 686 not during the war time but it too was hit by kamikazes and seen a lot of action it had several scar marks from battles as well fortunately it was given to the South Koreans and then it was scrapped out

  25. I live about 2 miles from this memorial museum, here in Baton Rouge. I was also stationed aboard the USS Sarsfield DD-837 in 1976 as my first duty station. Sarsfied is a Gearing class destroyer, laid down in January, 1945. When I visit the Kidd Museum it’s like being back in the fleet as the two destroyers are virtually identical.

  26. There were other "Kidd class" destroyers that some may not realize:

    Oh, and the "narrator needs to stop using metric measurements when talking about American vessels.

  27. Named after Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who was killed in the Pearl Harbor attack when the "Arizona" battleship blew up while he was on the bridge: only his ring was found after the massive fireball wiped-out 1100 sailors.

  28. My dad was on this ship when the kamikaze hit at Okinawa in 1945. He was born in 1926, and barely got service. He is mentioned in the ships log for missing muster one day, lol. The entry for the day the kamikaze hit, April 11, was ominous with the listings of the dead and injured. Thankfully my father's name was not listed there. The next day, April 12, FDR died of a heart attack. So I can only imagine the morale on the ship as they withdrew from battle with dead and wounded on board, under continuing attack, compounded by the death of the President. Oh well, no shortage of trials on both sides in any war.

  29. i really wanna see more Naval legends..some i honestly never heard of.. more please. its interesting facts of history

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