Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier

Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier


  1. 11:37 so true, I constantly play rainbow 6 and fortnite,wich need actually some ability to play well, then i switch to bf1 and it feels like playing with bots

  2. I've actually always had great ideas for games just never had the money for college I could help with ideas for the chocolate covered broccoli

  3. What happens if I don't play Playstation?..

    Why the fu would I play cod black ops?

    I play mario kart…plus fortnite…plus castle crashers… oki I stop.

  4. Video games are only good for you, if they present your brain with a challenge to overcome. Completing games also makes the brain feel good, because the brain likes completing things.

  5. Gamers are possibly the most chilled out people you could ever meet, (not talking about the toxic community of gamers). Society & news completely hammer on people who play video games simply because "ooh what's a popular topic to ruin today? Gaming alright lets do it" and people saying that "Oh call of duty shooting people causing school shooters!!!" No. Just no. Video games does not do that, if anything if you're having thoughts of shooting up a school or killing anyone, playing video games is actually benefitical it makes you less stressed, less worried, and if you're playing online you could even meet some online friends who share the same interest in the game you're playing. Parents have gotten better with realizing the benefits of video games but they're still parents who are super strict about it, when in reality video games can really be benefitical. As long as video games doesn't interfere with socializing with people or education or anything like that then play as much as you want.

  6. Me with the infinity gauntlet:
    I finally have them all:
    Big boi words
    Good vision
    Gaming is gud now

  7. Real gamers old school gamers are the réal gamers when video games come out We Have know everything about Games. Nice topic

  8. I mean it all sounds good but as a person who plays video games I would have liked to see some footage of the actual participants in action during the tests. Having her up there just speaking and showing graphs isnt really any sort of proof.

  9. So sad that you hardly ever find a scientist who are leading by example. It's very easy to talk about how we want things to be(Smarter|Better|Faster|Stronger) than actually being it. I do not trust people like her that are throwing a bunch of statements out into thin air, and expect it to stick. She did not even scratch the surface…

  10. She should focus on the world wide epidemic called social media addiction. Video games are NOTHING compared to the phone wielding zombies roaming our planet.

  11. Lol I play 12 hours a day, use it as a way to escape miserable boring unclever reality. Also 90% of kids don't play video games. Fool.

  12. I used to be addicted to violent video games. Got so addicted that it affected my school work and how my reports turned out. I asked my parents to help me. So they got more strict on me and it all helped me in the end. Please don't play too much games. You need to study for school otherwise you might end up on the streets. You can play as much as you want on vacation. I'm fine with that.

  13. My life and eyesight was deeply damaged due to videos games, for two decades, I completely lost interests in basic daily life, I can say that videos games is something everyone should avoid, there are other ways to improve your ability without risking the addiction to it and fuke up your life.

  14. Mindless adults think “oh games are just pointless killing, and they are inferior to film and books.” But these people are stupid because they can’t acknowledge that games have have incredible deep stories, and themes. And that games can bring people together, and lift spirits. They haven’t played masterpieces that have changed the lives of millions like the Witcher 3, the last of us, half life 2, and breath of the wild. I think that is the biggest misconception about video games, and it needs to change.

  15. Looking at a screen does not effect your eye sight whatsoever. Add me on PlayStation-MiuiF. I’ll stay up for a week straight with ya bc I already did it. And I still have 20/20. Y’all “scientists” are fucking retards😂

  16. I used to game a lot, but also run a lot so I didn't get called lazy. I found that after running I was very focused and could keep a very clear head. After playing videogames, it was the opposite effect. I couldn't remove the thought of the thrill of videogames from my brain. Everyone is different. If you get easily addicted to things, be very conservative with your playing.

  17. I remember my Mom showing me this Ted Talk a couple years ago, I think when I was 8 (I’m 15 now), I’m happy I found this. It’s been so long

    And yes, I made this Username when I was 8 as well..

    The reason why I kept it? Well because you don’t see this name anywhere so it’s always open.

  18. They should test the effects of competitive RTS-Gaming on the brain next. It's helped me a ton with my ADHD

  19. Finally a scientist is saying video games are good and i agree with that ✔💯. Video games help the brain positively buh if you over do it thus when it causes harm and problems.:)

  20. I can watch a twitch stream, play minecraft, listen to music, chat on discord and do school work at the same time so yeah I guess I’m a multimedia-tasker

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